Blood of Haden

Haden, your hair black as night causes shadows to fright.

Piercing emerald gaze locks in the distance.

The darkness gathers to test his might.

He stands ready aglow in crimson. It’s now this instant.

Tonight he will dance on the ledge of life and death.

Scarlet red eyes peer into his soul; forcing his story to be told.

Golden flame erupts from within him, congregating in his palm.

Crimson light outstretches from soul, integrating with flame.

He arcs his arm in a lethal dance, the time is now, he takes his aim.

The crimson flame cracks forth as a whip, scarlet eyes now burn black.

Face of the demon shows its wrath, it charges forth marking its path.

The beast lashes out its poison, despair, sadness, and pain.

Crimson flame retreats to the start, in it’s place, sword of fire from the heart.

Demon returns, Haden stays at bay he knows how to win this, and does with a name.“Michael,” he says and light kills dark. The heavenly game is not over, we just restart.


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