Crystal Doesn't live here


South Dakota
United States
I left her
 Afraid scared and alone.
 My guardian angel needs me.
 I did not know my heart was her home.
 I felt I could fight alone,
 But I proved I am weak broken and a wreck.
 I did not want her to see me use,
 I always hated that feeling of regret.
 Hold me, kiss me, love me please.
 Show me that you care.
 Nothing. Nothing.
 I have but nothing left to spare. 
It's my affair.
 It's my love affair with crystal. 
She has always healed my wounds.
 Why is she so dangerous?
 Why does my girls have to fall in love with her too?
 She constantly does what I ask,
 except the pain I ask her to take away,
 she only brings more.
 Enough! Enough!
 Enough of this you whore!
 I kick her out and miss her,
 only for a bit.
 My friends already invited her in,
 so we get envious and ask her to stay.
 A couple rounds,
 a couple shots,
 no harm was done here here.
 It's our love affair with Crystal, 
she's not the one to fear.
 She brings her pimp his name is Lucifer to get it started.
 Just when we think we cannot afford her,
 all our friends decide to join the party.
 We laugh, we joke, we tease, we play. 
Afternoons become dark and night becomes day.
 We suck, we fuck, we lick, we moan.
 Crystal you dirty girl. Why did you make my place your home!
 I want to share you I am sorry my girl loves you too much. 
She says the price to pay is 200 bucks.
 And that's just for a taste,
 if you want it all.
 Jump to 500 and you can get the ball.
 Crystal, damn girl how do you make my woman so wet?
 How do you get me to rip my friends off?
 How do you make me forget the good times we used to have.
 You tricked me.
 I want you to know bitch.
 Every time you only gave me oral, 
turning your evil into instant smoke.
 I didn't know you tasted so good when I dressed you up and put you in that needle. 
You left me and her craving you so bad.
 Your pussy in my mouth,
 wow nothing could compare.
 When you came to us in full dose,
 keep your eyes to yourself don't stare.
 Those are my girls.
 This is my love affair. 
Wait stop! I cannot find you she cries. 
It's my guardian angel,
 with only pain in her eyes.
 I should let her in,
 I hate seeing a sad lonely girl.
 But what about Crystal?
 There is only room for one. 
Fuck whore get out of my life!
 Leave with your wicked pimp!
 Give me back my wife! 
I struggle and I battle I choke and I hold.
 Take your drug with you demon! 
I am struggling to take control of the Devil.
 He hands me a rig,
 I paint it red.
 About to take the biggest blast I ever had.
 I stop her.
 Crystal is lying naked on the bed. 
I spit on her.
 This soul is not free!
 There is nothing you got that I want to have!
 Dirty drug!
Get out of my home. 
Go find another poor soul.
 This time make sure he knows,
 There is no hope when you walk through that door. 
It's done.
 Come on in angel she's gone.
 Crystal doesn't live here anymore.
 I pick her up, 
and in those deep blue eyes I see,
 My daughter still loves me..
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