Night, Sweet Angel

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 10:11 -- JamieHV


United States
44° 52' 24.9456" N, 93° 17' 0.6504" W

The night has driven from its darkness,
A light from afar is yet unbelievably warm,
I see a woman, a woman of beauty,
Her glow as bright as the moon,
Her heart unknown to mankind,
Hair soft as silk,
I look from afar; the morning sun shines brightly,
She stands there quietly,
There’s a sound, I hear a sound,
Her voice,
Strong, yet elegant,
An angelic voice,
Like the night of the full moon,
I am stuck to embrace,
My eyes grow weary,
The night is nigh,
I must say before I close these weary eyes,
"Good night, my sweet angel."



I love it its full of romance and mystery!!

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