Fallen Angel


Gaze at the sky

I am grounded

I cannot fly

Then I am astounded

It is a bird

It is a plane

My focus undeterred

From what does not touch terrain

I follow the trail

Engulfed by wonder

Curiosity does not fail

Alas twas my blunder

A closer glance

To what dances in a cloud

I am in a trance

The heart sings aloud

An angel to behold

Such grace brings a tear

The divinity I was told

Sings sweetly to my ear

The angel says to me

Take my hand dear child

Above the ground we will be

Looking in her eyes I smiled

Together we soar

Trees and rivers below

This light I never knew before

Good things does life bestow

Nothing but euphoria

This once empty heart now full

I live in Utopia

Little I knew this would be null

The angel was hit

By a demon in shadow

Falling, I cannot believe it

Crashing into a meadow

Nothing but screaming

Why is gravity unforgiving?

I now wish I were dreaming

Just when I was truly living

Now we are on the ground

The angel is weeping

All else is sound

Now I search for meaning

Something is strange

As I watch her cry

What is the change

I beg to know why

On the angel's back

I see no wings

All because of one attack

What woe this brings

Over my shoulder

Grow feathers so white

The feeling of being bolder

So unfamiliar and not bright

To fate I say

How can I take her place

When I have not flown my own way

But a new role I must embrace

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