Too beautiful to cry, she whispers,lingering softly instead,

Believing in me when no one else would is all that is said.

She molds me,teaches me,unconditionally loves,

Now she's in the light,smiling,glowing,angelic from above.

I give up, not her,always there,all her words so kind,

I feel her with me forevermore, souls are intertwined.

Holding on to memories, as that's all that is left behind,

But no,I feel the warmth of your embrace,still in my mind.

Once a child,now a woman,who I'm meant to be,

You filled my heart,you held my hand,this is why I'm me.

This poem is about: 
My family



Thats so beautiful


i love this poem so much you are talented and i can tell that you dumped you heart into this your are a good person and im glad you wrote this

my condolences

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