Pregnant with an angel


Since the very first day the doctor confirmed I was pregnant, I already knew that no matter what I'd always love you
It was scary at the beginning, not knowing who you were or what you were going to be, all I knew was that nothing could take you from me.
I was so excited when I saw you on the ultrasound screen, I heard your heartbeat, I watched you move as you crossed your legs and played with your feet.
The doctor told me that I was going to be having a baby girl and I knew from that moment on that you were going to be daddy's little girl, and mommy's precious world
I now know your gender and daddy and I have picked out your name, but there are still so many unanswered questions that remain.
I know you are a product from mommy and daddy's love and you are being sent from god himself, from the great kingdom above.
You are so precious to your father and I, even though we have not felt your touch, heard your sweet cry, nor have had the chance to sing you lullabys.
I love you so much already and you haven't even been brought into the world yet, just know that mommy and daddy will be there for you till the end, so until the day that we get to meet you face to face, I will enjoy your little kicks and loving embrace
Sleep tight our little one, our unborn angel, just know we are here JazzLynn through thick and thin and our love for you will never end.

*** this poem was made by myself, for my unborn child (I was pregnant at the time) since this poem, I have given birth to my daughter, but the unimaginable had happened, my daughter had stopped breathing as soon as she was delivered, it took the doctors 40 mins to get her heart beat back, unfortunately 40 min without oxygen to her brain, ultimately left my daughter brain dead, we decided to say our goodbyes and take her off of life support 4 days after she had been born. Before we made this decision a group of people from Oregon had came to talk with us, they wanted our permission to use our daughters organs for those is need. We agreed for our daughter to be an organ donor. We have since received confirmation letters stating that our daughter's heart was donated to a 2 month old baby girl who needed a heart transplant, and our daughter's kidneys went to a 57 yr old mother. JazzLynn was truly a blessing and an angel, I thought this poem Would be a great one to use, I hope whoever reads this thinks so too. I am unable to attach a video since I am doing this all off of my phone, either way I wouldn't be able to film a video of me reading this poem without bursting into tears, I hope you understand, thank you.***


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