Thu, 05/15/2014 - 10:09 -- kellham


Pulsating through my body is a dark light -


A light darker than any night.


My eyes look like liquid fire-


I spread my black wings, and fly higher and higher.


Suddenly I hit something and jerk to a stop-


My wings freeze up and I begin to drop.


I hit the ground and wonder why I’m  not dead -


I close my eyes and shake my head.


I suddenly remember that I am immortal-


Then I realize I dropped because I couldn’t get through heavens portal.


I’m a fallen angel, one of those God kicked out-


I streak up the sky with an angry shout.


I wince as I hit the invisible barrier-


I am an angel, a guardian, a message carrier.


I hit the ground and feel insane-


Knowing that nothing I can do , will ease the pain.


I run, then taste dust and realize, I have tripped-


A searing pain in my back tells me my wings are being stripped.


Why did I have to rebel? Why did I choose to fight?


This is why I fell.


This is why my screams echo in the night.


I have sinned, chosen Lucifer.


No matter how much I try, I will never again be pure.


Pulsating through my body is that dark light-


Listen closely and you may still hear the immortals scream into the night.


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