Star-Crossed Lovers

There I am, kneeling with my head bowed down

Wear the cross around my heart

Hands together, there’s no such thing as too much prayer

Duty calls to spread the love

But when the black gates open

Noise and bottles call me

World with no worries

 I can’t resist

“Welcome to a world you’ve never seen before

Where the rules limit to none”

The voices from our heads come from the blackness of our heart

The crimes we’ve commit is what makes us proud

All this so-called blemishes focused into one

Together we bob our heads drenched in the sound

But when the seraphs

Sound the seventh trumpet

Both my wings and halo awaken

An ill-fated romance never meant to exist

Our star-crossed lovers take a risk

Tradition desire in a boxing ring

Our star-crossed lovers have risen



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