Curls and Dimples

This poem is dedicated to my nephew who died at 14 months. I miss him every day, and it makes me even sadder to know that his little brother is turning two in April and has outlived him. We miss you forever and always Jakob Carol Warren.

Aren't those seen most when angels are thought of?
You were our angel sent from heaven
Snatched away before your time

Don't the angels above see what they do?
When they took you from us leaving a path of pain and destruction
Your teenage Aunt attempted suicide to rejoin you
And she has never been the same.

Your mother realised she was pregnant soon after you were taken from us
Your mommy and daddy couldn't stay together anymore
Your little brother looks so much like you
The same curls, the same dimples

Pawpaw and Nana didn't stay together either
Their angel helped keep them together
The oranges kept on the counter for you bring tears to their eyes
They love your brother dearly, but break down when hearing your name

Why did the angels take you from us?
Don't they see what they have done?
We would have given our lives for you
Laid my life down so you could every day see the sun

They took you in the night from us
Did not even let you call
And when they found you lying there
The tears always seemed to fall

I did not hold your brother
Not until he was far past one
I could not trust to love again
In case the angels were not done

Because he is just like you
Down to every last curl
To the placement of his dimples
They would have taken him just like you

Maybe they realise all they've done
Or they just have not decided yet
But there is a reason
Isn't there?

You are our angel now
You watch over us, each one

There is a reason I did not die
Your mother did not fall deeper when she found out about her pregnancy
Why your father has straightened up
And why you the angels haven't snatched your brother up

We love you, our angel
Even though your time is done
And I will see you yet, someday
When my own time is all done.


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