Global Warming

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We need to stop laying low. Patiently waiting for change that  ain't gonna happen unless we  are the change. We are the change, the new generation To come together and make the world better
  Destroying a Rainforest for Economic Gain   Destroying a rainforest for economic gain And torching a Picasso to heat food are the same
Destroying a rainforest for economic gain And torching a Picasso to heat food are the same Make no mistake if you don’t heed what I say
look at us, can’t you see?   your weapons of greed tear apart this ocean all for self-gain in industry chains. are pleas for help not enough commotion?  
(this is more of just some writing, not exactly a poem, still I hope one can relate and enjoy)
For it was the failure of those to blind to see the truth presented there before their eyes  For the fault onto your hands, those who don't believe this crisis does not Exist  A hoax to gain attention for you environmentalist 
Ancient is the planet Dealing with the ancient cycles of hot and cold Ancient is how we view ourselves Our entire species living only a short time Our ancient selves living even less
I don’t care if you’re scared,  so was Martin Luther King Jr.  I’m just here to say
Glaciers are melting  Temperatures are rising Why aren’t people changing We still drive cars
The animals live as they are adapted to live, but never more. They are primitive. Without free thought, without art and culture, without clothing. The trees give shade and shelter to the animals
I thought you promised not to drown everyone again! Knee deep in glacier sweat.   I did. I won’t. Says She,
I love poetry for its blank spaces, for its constant wondering and the shape of the words on a page. For different reasons than why I love math.
Don't you know  We let you go So you could forever flow The eternity  It's killing me Too late to turn away No matter where we sway We come here, always Back to the tasteful music
There stands Jack Frost, As cool as ever.   Except he's not.   How can he stay cool, When everything is getting so uncomfortably warm?      
Temperatures rising. Ice caps melting, Falling into the sea. Gaia, Mother Nature,  Oh how she cares As she stares at the dirty air. Her animals are dying out, And her Earth is full of drought. 
Stream bends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Slowly ends.           
When I realized our Mother is warming When I saw the polar bears on National Geographic dying When a man in glasses at the U.N. said time's running low
Billionaires donating money donating money to a burnt down cathedral poor people donating old clothes to other in need billionaires donating money  donating meant to a burnt down cathedral 
The children run and play in a dark world. The smoke infiltrates our lungs: fits of coughing interrupt their play. They play in a dead world, putting on a show for those half-alive.
Dead trees stand tall Beige brittle limbs stiff as dried out bones Silver inside the screaming sky Snaking between evergreens Darker than Hooker’s Green in pure white
This is us, a black hole for a face.Wear too much makeup and you're a public disgrace.
When we finally sleep, The carnival will come. Wind will strip dye from our gowns, The corn will grow wild, And the carnival will come.  
50 lives from now the glaciers will melt the rate at which ice leaves the planet is caused by us. we did this. it was one thing to unknowingly bring such positive change to the world with our new gadgets and gear,
The flowers in her hair were slowly dying. The sky grew too tired of crying. Sheets of white covered her eyes, as the world met its demise.  No one cared to tend the crops. Toxic waste of yesterday filled the air. No rainbow would ever shine there
With great vengeance and furious anger She will burn you. Drag us all through the dirt Until our gashes Are pustulated mounds
Rain,  wet droplets hit my face That time of year surely brings me faith           As the water weighs me down I pray         that maybe I'll be able to touch your base
Planet Earth is so vast And overgeneralized Like an open world map In Skyrim Good thing we have a few terabytes sitting around
Dear Sky,   I’m so sorry little star, You’ll be next to go Light keeps disappearing behind the char We must reap what we sow  
battered, worn and grayed you are from caring regularly. you never complain or cry and simply present your calmest sea.  i want to thank you for the home given without a fee.
Dear Humanity,   The lips she used to kiss  Her same sex lover with,  And the binary she dismissed Made them all loose their mind 
Don't pretend to sympathize when we can see the greed in your eyes. You say one thing, turn around and say another. All you speak is lies. A child constantly arguing who is right he's never wrong.
The day winter fell By A.R.T   When my school rang the bell, that was the day winter fell. We found out the ice caps were melting,
To my beloved parents,                                                                                               fa/th/er  
Dear Environment, You give yourself up to any who wish to occupy Those who swim, walk, or even fly Yet my species has taken advantage of your generosity,  By returning it with atrocity
“Don’t Worry”, said the salesman with the cheap suit and the cheaper grin, desperate to make his last pitch
Hello To you I write I wonder what's it like? Changing every couple months Experiencing the world in different sights I wonder what's it like To be so elegant and be so bright
There is a forest A dim forest full of dusky trees and damp moss Tiny critters that scuttle about Weaving in between the roots of dying oaks and already dead birches
It is 2017 right now, and winter has arrived. Snow is everywhere in the Equestrian land. At long last, joy has been revived. All of the snow's surface seems to be bland. Unfortunately, not everypony enjoys the day.
I have a black friend  And I have a white friend 
There under the sea A mermaid longed for the land But it was no more
My dear old home, how we have wronged you. So Blinded by green greed, while your green turned grey. “Their safety is sound” we spoke without woe,
This poem is dedicate to all the Pacific islanders out there. In which Moana gives a poem for the world to know.   People do not know the truth about our islands.
I hope you are okay after  we poured bleach down your throat and gave the last few sips to the Great Barrier Reefs   I hope a mother’s love  can withstand the pain 
You hear it all the time I want to change the world I want to save it But how How can I How can you
This non-lyrical, spiritual shit I listen to Make me realize how much I’m missin you These instrumentals might take down the institute And make ladies like you, more than an ingenue
Mother She protects houses nourishes All forms of life Yet we do not do the same We kill We torture We laugh at others pain
Our mother is angry.She rattles in her sleep.There's a burning spirit among her.Her children, taking the heat.
Look around, what a beautiful place. A beautiful place ruined by human trace. Gone are the dancers who dance with sway and grace. But now seeing it destroyed is a commonplace.  
Seasons   Spring Sun shining through my window Green fields of grass like a blanket Purple flower lost inside of a rainbow
We are all renters here Living in borrowed space Here and there, far and near For the entire human race
Our mother is angry. She rattles in her sleep. There's a burning spirit among her. Her children, taking the heat.
On a fine summer evening young Matthew McGee Rode his new vintage vespa to a friend’s brewery That had just opened up in a warehouse abandoned
Humans are Ignorant; Illiterate and Inexperienced. We live in a world Poisoned by Greed.
(If I were stranded on a deserted island I would bring my love and respect for nature with me). I sat up on the hill, My gaze caught the shore, forest, and stream, Oh, what a thrill! T’was the most glorious dream,
There was a dream I once had as a child, about a city of lights covered in white- where the skies were red, and the ocean was oil. A place where the ground was cold; hard to walk upon, and even harder to sow.
This is it. This world, This life, It’s all we have-- It’s our past, It's our present, It's our future, too. We have everything to lose. This is why I move.
   We are all taught to believe our choices are our own,
Black smoke looms over the horizon Ignored by the world around. The people instead look at the sun, Ideally, there, hope is found.   The elephant in the room No one wants to mention.
Destruction, Construction, Obstruction, Trail down the roofs And back to the Earth. Empathy fills the darkness, Flooding the evening in tears As troubled thoughts linger
Sunlit blanket Of fluffy snow Etches a sculpture, Marble against sky.   Lacy ice Forms a window Shielding From the worst truth.   It was not heralded
We aren't trying Why aren't we TRYING We have put a man on the moon (more than one) We have invented a tiny device that is a camera  a phone a music player and so much more
Apocalypse It’s the new thing Movies, books, everywhere We think we are safe Hiding behind the screen
Hot and coldno you don't know.You say that you carebut you don't.You still don't recycle,
why cant i tell my teacher that  there are more important things than the square root of 247 or that she should truly open her mind and teach us to do the same?
They say global warming is a hoaxI say... "thats insanely wack"I am sitting here, trying to convince you allTrying to get you join my one man wolfpack
The lion runs over the sun-bathed plains, Into the mountains where it rains. No longer a lion, but a goat, It treks up high, and then shakes its coat. Fur turns into feathers; it is now an eagle in the sky.
Our World is so fucked, the gulf iscrying out in oil suds mixed Fossil Fuels-all-      -gone--dry-In this heat wave they speak, as I                                    kick
      When you drive your car and your engine burns fuel, Do you know what it does to me?   When you turn your heater on in the cold winters,     Even when you purchase groceries,
Listen to this story Of a land forward in time, Where a polar bear lives The last of his kind. He would wonder To and fro, And think what if Humans didn’t let global warming grow?
The power of nature arose, spreading through the earth, Surrounded closely by blades of grass. The mammals froze ready to protect. Flowing to the brick hard road. Bearing moss green,
Slowly, quietly she encroaches on the humming of life Inconspicuously she blankets miles upon miles of all types of land with simply a paintbrush in her hand She cannot be stopped
In the freezing snow, The snowflakes fall from the sky; Covering the ground.   The sun is burning In the flamming summer day. Water drops are cool.   The planet turns green,
We watched As timid little cities Filled their bellies Full of brown and coal black The air, a muddled mess The bees, on verge of collapse The fish, caught in the wires we spun…  
Earth, she withstands our torment She knows all, yet she keeps all She lives and breathes with us She moves alongside us She is the breath of life And the harbinger of death Mother Earth is bleeding
There comes a time when we all hold a responsibility For what the world is and what it could be But we often get trapped in our own reality Concerned only with the well-being of our families
Mother hold me in warm embrace,Gently cradle my delicate skin,Caressed by your loving winds.Touch my lips with petals,Soft flowers of maternity love.
And as I looked up at the sky I asked to the heavens, "why were we given the earth, if you knew we were going to destroy it?" A bird flew The stars twinkled, the planets moved,
Snow in April, May, and June Plus heat that rises past July There are way too many funky colors filling the sky. Smoke and smog, Gas and ash. People are destroying our world
Tall, towering, majestic, grand. Clear, rushing, vibrant, pure. Alive, frolicking, happy, free. This is the way. This is the way the trees were. This is the way the water was. This is the way the animals were.
Scarlet Letter , a message to the masses There's a killer in our sheets, so rap it up before you catch it Or check it up before you pass it , no exceptions To the slash list, so please avoid, the dash, on that
Skies stricken with the zephyrs of despair, Sun gleaming on gears of salvation, Nature may have something to spare; Then there would be glorified escalation.
Homelessness, anarchy, terrorism This is reality. Wars, drugs, abortions This is reality. Global warming, corruption, debt This is reality. AIDS, alcohol, smoking This is reality.
Global warming is not real. People lie when they say that The North and South poles are melting, Arctic animals are dying, The weather is changing, We are in danger. Nobody knows the truth.
Nonchalantly, I watch mother earth’s face erode as her acid tears stream down her face she silently wonders what ever happened to this place this earth we call our home is nothing but waste upon buildings of chrome
The moon came with a whisper. Not until it rose high above did he realize the reason he couldn't rightly see his feet was because it had become night time.
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