Blind to the Lies Before Our Eyes

For it was the failure of those to blind to see the truth presented there before their eyes 

For the fault onto your hands, those who don't believe this crisis does not Exist 

A hoax to gain attention for you environmentalist 

Those who believe a situation as catastrophic as this can simply disappear with the flick of a wrist 

Painting it to become another hidden failures of our lives 

For the fault fall on your hands once more 

And here I am worrying I may not live to see Earth another day 

For those who live on the green Islands surrounded once by a beautiful blue day 

I am sorry for the lies and excuses told over and over again  

"Don't worry it will be fine"

"Don't worry it is all a lie" 

"Don't worry no once will die" 

We are not meant to born into a world world where I know children my age no longer have homes 

Children are no longer able to go outside and play 

For the fear of smog that threaten to fill their airways 

The Earth we once knew and loved was not meant to end this way 

So who cares if one day all the animals who filled the seas wither away

Choking on the fuel we apparently need and the plastic that suits our ever growing economy 

So who cares for the flying birds who fly through the skies to only fall from such great heights 

I doubt when we are done with this Earth, the beauty we all know and admire will remain and hold forevers

And who cares if the Amazon, the producer of Oxygen and homes to millions unseen

Burns away as into nothing for the land we and paper our greed needs 

For those who are blind and cover their eyes to the truth presented by these so called lies

I ask you, go look outside and tell me whether you want our great world to die 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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