Ancient is the planet

Dealing with the ancient cycles of hot and cold

Ancient is how we view ourselves

Our entire species living only a short time

Our ancient selves living even less

Ancient is the media's influence

Spreading mass panic

Ancient is how we think

Not for ourselves or with facts

Letting the more influential take the reins

Ancient wisdom preaching nature's knowledge

To teach us the ancient ways

Reppealing ancient arrogance

Trash filling the water and toxic runoff in food

Smog instead of air for a special handful of cities who run the economy

Yet the countries with the cleanest air become the accused

Ancient need to be entertained

Entertainment better than facts

Activists screaming Run! Death is here! get the chance to disrespect world leaders in person

Activists exposing science and a calm, important truth only get a toe in the limelight

Ancient is ignorance, blindness, arrogance

Ancient is the trumping of logic by emotion

This poem is about: 
Our world


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