Coffins Are Made of Fuel, Hope is Made of Action

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 11:09 -- keri21

look at us, can’t you see?


your weapons of greed tear apart this ocean

all for self-gain in industry chains.

are pleas for help not enough commotion?


fossil fuels burn with hatred and war.

the smoke is toxic green, but green is all you see.

a rampage towards life that is known no more.


the waters are calling for help 

as shells dissolved in acid yelp.

they hold a white flag, tall and desperate,

but nothing is seen through this endless fat smoke.


all you care about is whether your dish is on time,

not about your careless, ignorant crimes.

as long as the sea is full of food,

you see no reason that you’re the fool.


look at us, can't you see?


waters have risen to reach the heavens,

but all over earth there’s the deadly seven.

nowhere is safe when you can only drown.

the icebergs are gone; earth lost its lawn.


ocean life is but bones from a forgotten crime.

their remains dissolve after their shells were fried. 

but it doesn’t matter because no one can hear.

the earth is forced into silence with no one here.


is this end to all life the way to start over?

a way to destroy the cruel species's takeover?

with water all over, is clarity near?

a rebirth of the planet with no humans to fear?


look at us, can’t you see?


you have the chance to stop this loss

if you pay more attention to the things you toss.

the earth is like a stunning new home,

so why can’t we treat her like a child of our own?


look at us and you will see

the beauty of the ocean and an earth meant to be free.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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