Ponies and Snow

It is 2017 right now, and winter has arrived.

Snow is everywhere in the Equestrian land.

At long last, joy has been revived.

All of the snow's surface seems to be bland.

Unfortunately, not everypony enjoys the day.

A certain character is fussing over the controversial issue of global warming.

The pony princess comes to keep him at bay.

Unfortunately, as the green pony walks by, tensions seems to be forming.

Meanwhile, a snowman stood out in the background.

Next to him was the one who created him, the red pony.

The positive expression of this pony seems to be profound.

He waves at everybody joyfully like a brony.

Today is not a perfect day by any means.

Resent can cause others to not go outside and play in the snow.

If spring is what everypony else is after, then patience will produce greens.

Once the time comes, they will know.

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