Moana Talks about Climate Change (Once Upon a Poem)

This poem is dedicate to all the Pacific islanders out there. In which Moana gives a poem for the world to know.


People do not know the truth about our islands.

Yes they are beautiful but they are not a paradise.

My people are telling me "please please help us!"

They are drowning because of the sea levels are rising.

They are sad because their homes are being swept away.

While the rest of the world carries on saying, "It is beautfuil there, why do you complain?"

Because our houses are gone. 

Our love ones are dying of radition. 

Our islands are disappearing. 

day by day 

We will wake up to nothing

forced to move to a new land.

Please please help us out my people

my islands are dying

We are dying 

Please do not let us die.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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