I Am So Sorry, Mother

I don’t care if you’re scared, 

so was Martin Luther King Jr. 

I’m just here to say

that you should’ve done something sooner. 

Something more moving and powerful, 

something that makes a difference. 

Perhaps actions like cutting down litter;

otherwise, we will continue to kill Her.


Humanity, why are you so reluctant and sour, 

cause now we are hurting Her. 

It should make you feel alarmed and frightened, 

but not for the reasons you may think. 

No, don’t be fearful of your own demise, 

but instead consider the downfall of Her children, 

Her wonderful beings. 


The flora and fauna that make Her work, 

they’re dying but all we care about are the playful smirks 

we make at our front facing cameras. 

Have you ever stopped to think 

that it may be this carelessness 

that is putting Her animals on the brink of extinction? 

Who are we to be so reckless, 

how dare of us to assume 

that Her life is not only long but endless. 


I am so sorry Mother, my kind has let you down. 

You provided a home for me, 

and all we’ve done is abuse you for eternity. 

But who is this Mother, who could she be? 

More fitting is what, 

because she’s not a part of humanity. 

It may be obvious, but possibly not, 

that this Mother has a wonderfully molten heart. 


Her blue skies and green grass, 

blowing in the wind as birds fly past. 

The beauty of Her nature, 

that we’ve been putting in grave danger. 

But if you may know, it’s probably obvious, 

that the one and only thing I could be speaking of is: 


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Our world
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