A Letter to My Parents: Mother Earth & Father Time.


United States

To my beloved parents,                                                                                               fa/th/er


I am sorry, mother. I am trying to forgive those around me for treating you so poorly. I am giving all I have to protect you but I am one person. I fight for your rights but your vast decomposition swallows my words and I am left with nothing but fear. That fear is of the future. Our future will contain mere memories of your life. That fear is my fight being pushed down as if I am hurting others. I am trying to save them but their ears are full of greed. I am sorry that the guilty desires of my species have killed your other children.  I apologize on behalf of the entire human race. We have been taught to love the mother that puts a roof over our head, but not the one that gives us our home beyond that roof. I am sorry that a panel made of your elements has broken our bond. I sit for hours on your lap looking at your left eye, the sun, and your right eye, the moon, searching for an answer. Father, I ask for more of you. Progress this species into the truth and protect them from the fatality of greed they endure each day. Mother will live longer if she has you, father.

I apologize, Mother Earth.

Thank you, Father Time.

Love always,

your nature domine.


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My community
My country
Our world


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