This is why we move


This is it. 
This world,
This life, 
It’s all we have--

It’s our past, 
It's our present, 
It's our future, too. 
We have everything to lose. 

This is why I move. 

For those moments when my breath is short, 
When my eyes are wide, 
When my imagination is so full of wonder 
That my heart aches-- 

This precious place 
We can never replace 
We are slowly beginning to lose 
The trees that are turning into waste. 

This is why I move. 

Because I was raised with an open mind 
And education has been turned into a way to confine 
Our thoughts 
Instead of a tool to liberate 
Our hearts 

So we can find 
Our own moral groove 
Instead of having to prove 
We fit a misguided 
Definition of intelligence-- 

This is why I move. 

For all the nights I've walked alone, 
Afraid of the dark, 
Not for lack of intimacy with the stars, 
But for fear of what lurks in 

Harmless corners 
That have become home 
For too many men 
Defined by a culture that celebrates 
And objectifies women 
As the ultimate goal to pursue. 

This is why I move. 

Because I've forgotten the meaning of family, 
And an inexplicable loneliness 
Accompanies me, 
Even in this world full 
Of seven billion people-- 

We've lost the art of connectivity, 
Forgotten how to create community 
Despite the increase in availability of tools we use 
To communicate, we still refuse 
To share what we really feel. 

This is why I move. 

Because everyone hides the truth, 
We live lives we didn’t choose. 
And I can’t stand to watch the news 
Cause every time I do I remember why 
I hate the way we view 

Because the constant stream 
Of impersonal statistics 
Feeds apathy
And we're told constantly 
"No one will remember you." 
The victims are lost in a slew of numbers 
And perpetrators are celebrated like celebrities 

This is why I move. 

Yet I refuse to accept 
That my agency 
Is incapable 
Of change 

Or that the media can control my life 
More than my own mind 
Can define 
The choices I make, 
The risks I take, 
The things I hate. 

So for all the moments I've clenched my fists 
Then convinced myself 
There's nothing I can do 
Today I will stand. 
Today, I will choose: 
I won’t wait no more. 

This is why I move. 
I move to change the world. 

What will you do?


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