The Leaf and The Ground


wet droplets hit my face

That time of year surely brings me faith

          As the water weighs me down I pray 

       that maybe I'll be able to touch your base

                  Have you ever loved someone who,

                                   despite never knowing you 

             seems to understand your secrets and truths?


        That someone for me was the ground

She truly had a way with words somehow

Despite never speaking a word, I know by

Looking into her eyes, the water wouldn't 

   just come from the dark, forgetful skies. 



Perhaps it's my face

Maybe she doesn't like my green surface,

the waxy shine that attracts birds and cries of small animals

     Maybe I am too repulsive to her like melted wax on the candles

                                                  perhaps my curved body turns her off,

                                                                           but only if she knew me. 

Only if she knew how I refuse to look up because she is below

if she knew I hope the wind took me away from the stump

                                                              I call my home.

                          Maybe then she'd reconsider

          my bumps, sides, and curves

Maybe then she'd listen to my words.


But the ground doesn't have it, she slyly says

If only he knew that if he landed here, he'd be dead.

However, she may never stop his attempts

that is because when

he tries to land on her

she feels anew again. 

Someone wanted to be with her, 

not forced by laws or nature

not to be walked on 

built on

or tampered

but rather to be loved, 

to be loved is a dream only the finest dirt can dream of...


by maybe

        she doesn't know


but maybe he doesn't know


that their faiths would mix

especially when the dirt and trees would be plummeted by

vehicles who "fix"


Both were aware,

of the sad truth

and as they broke through the dirt

she let out a cry too


"Never loved and never thought of

as the world is a dark, cruel place

perhaps in another time, I would 

be able to choose my own fate"


her words moved him and he felt

             that maybe if he just fell

              into her grace

             and slowly landing 

             on her base

  he would be able to tell her

how he truly felt...


but alas she was gone

replaced with a hard rock

"cement" men uttered

and he witnessed it all

the death of the one he loved

slowly over a progression of weeks

much so that he changed his color

he is no longer a bright, waxy green.

Even the shape of him changed, 

from a once curved, smooth shell

but opened up and became rigid

he grew in size and swell. 


"If only she could've seen me"

only time would tell

his true beauty underneath

little did he know, she knew it well...


"if only I could see him now"

that's how she would've felt

but her words are silent now

and her life as well.


They became bright, 

so bright in fact

children came,

picked a few in packs

people were fascinated

by the orange dye

but sadly I was disinterested 

"pick me, so I can die."


Fate played a game

where one day it will all change

the colors on my leaf would fade away

not into another beautiful color

but I was so shrivelled how could I bear

this torment was killing me everywhere

I was so close to falling off

perhaps too close

I was scared

If I land on this hard ground

will I still hear her heartbeat there?


The earth has been hurt, trampled and abused

but in my heart, you will always be more than a 

damsel in distress

because I will always love you

perhaps my love is fruitless...


then the day would come

the moment he had been dreaming of

regardless if she was covered in a sheet of white puff

he knew she's the girl he dreamed of.


How would I know 

the truth in this old soul

lived through many times and tolls

that his mind has taken hold

of the beauty she once had

filled with green grass,

and flowers that cannot compare 

to the mind, she locked him in a stare.


If the world hadn't been so rough 

maybe then they would've touched.


drifting, he felt lifting

the wind between his stem and weightless

he fell gently patient. 


"If this is freedom let it be

to risk my life not just for me

but for the one, I can't forget

the beauty of the earth and dirt

timeless and effortless".


Finally, we can touch 

through the cold, hard cement,

I feel your heart beating 

so I can finally find rest

"thank you for loving me

unlike the rest" she said

"thank you for loving me 

and knowing me best".


The snow intoxicates the dark, shrivelled leaf

his time has gone now, and the story may steep

into the hearts of others and they can see

the unrequited love, between the ground

and the leaf. 

This poem is about: 
Our world



On the surface, this poem is the love between a leaf and the ground and how it will never happen. However, this is also a poem about the environment and how we take advantage of this soulful being. Please enjoy!

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