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December is the coolest month
Pain is like snow. You look up— And no matter how hard you squint, You can't quite see where it's coming from. From time to time it may stop,  But in reality, It's rushing at you, All at once.
The wind does blow on a cold winter night, But this night, no one listens. The snow drifts softly upon the grass, But there are no feet to tread upon it. Time does not stop, and time does not slow,
snow caps treetops   like the cap that snug on your head,   hugging your scalp   the way i wish i could hug you.   the icy flakes outside dot my face  
Yes, the finely floating feathers Floating in the sky One of the feathers Even caressed my eye! Ye olde agua,  Frozen is dismissed. Oh, my dear Elsa! Let us dance, dance,  Forever more.
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
As they looked out at the world  The Snow dancing around them He looked over at her, “What do you think happens when the Snow melts?” She stood there for a moment
The wind whips through your body, crushes your will, kills your spirit. Demons of black ice chase you down, fury in their shattered snow scraper eyes.
The field lay, sad, cold, brown stalks rising rigidly and meaningless from blue snow in footprinted rows dark in the light of the orange sun
An odeto the short lived snowflakethat took refugebetween my curlsthis morning. Fell from the skyinto the armsof my woolen beanie,bouncing offinto my hair.
Snow is falling, Winter is calling. Snowflakes are dancing as they gingerly fall to the ground, And the spirit of the season is traveling all around. School is closed for the inclement weather,
Snow lightly coats the top of the river, Sides of houses covered in icicles, Christmas lights shine so bright Headlights look too similar. I danced in the riverbanks and couldn't help
Snowflakes can be Heavy
When the Light Fades Natali Hutcheson   Hurry! Green mountains turn to dark silhouettes 
A falling snowflake Glistening, twinkling glass- Drips from off my hand.
2 June 2019 10:37 AM Flakes of light drifting down Radiant dreams touch all around What light adorns this wonderful world That shadow would run to find the door
I learned I was growing up, On a cold, snowy day After returning from the christmas holiday   I learned I was growing up When I heard whispers of other students; "Did you hear?"
When a hush lies across the land Stillness rare and precious When the birds flit bright in the forest Sparks of the flame of life When the sea lies calm under a layer of crystals An opaque expanse of serenity
as my feet shift heavily lumbering forward on this iceberg ground, i cast my gaze on the world above me. as i approach an organized pile of bricks and glass, white teardrops of flecks
A chilly wind blows tonight with stiff lips, whistling a dirge down the dark, empty glen Clouds hover in an apple-crisp night sky Thin, streaming clouds, stingy clouds
Chilly Night
Red and Gold Losing its hold On nature itself.   Amongst the many whites Of natures many delights   The trees now all bare  The snow falling without care   While I stand
Thick feathers protecting soft down Feathers muddy brown reflecting sunlight Sky’s scent absorbed in flight Piercing eyes knowing secrets Eggs in unstable nested in an unstable world  
The gentle fall of silver flakes Within my head a image does make How can it be so cold and cruel When it is the one true rule The frost that covers these frozen lands The sting of hail as it hits my hands
Snow fell in huge flakes as it was just the perfect atmospheric conditions.  The sky was hues of purple and blue. School cancelled for the week, allowing two girls two sleep on the pull-out couch,
It twinkles outside, Glistening as it falls down. Beautifully cold.
Snow, drifting on a cloudless night The only light is that which reflects From the stringed lights onto that snow The air is crisp A definite chill is in the air Cardinals balance on icy branches
  Dear Snowflake,   oh Why Did you Leap from the Clouds, my Dear Tiny angel? Were you tossed For being cursed with an icy
Red, orange, yellow, brown. A Technicolor, rainbow town. Children go outside and play. Even though the clouds are grey.  
Dear Snowfall, Nothing falls quite like you You come in like a thief, taking the ground and anything living with your decent If I slumber with the stars  Your patterns will cover me, consume me
The snow is white The clouds are blue when you face reality you know it is true.
The wind blows softly, guiding small snowflakes on their dance through the sky.
Where have the roses gone from my garden? Look how those left freeze in cold winter wind; Nothing I can do nor ask for pardon To save the lovely petals as they’re thinned.
A snowflake kiss On my lips   Over in a second Melted away   A snowflake butterfly On my eyes   Gone so fast  Dripping like tears   A snowflake embrace As I lay down   Here for the moment Till it turns to spring   A snowflake friend Child-sized An
Kiss a dead girl?  Kiss her ruddy lips, her stark face. They called her Snow White, a pretty name for a corpse. Snow White, evoking glistens of fresh crystal, the name portrayed the cold dead of winter. The cold, dead of winter.
The snow falls, a blanket of white a cover of black.   Two lovers stroll hands clasped and eyes locked. Lost in a world of magic.   They are one; completely surrendering
Once upon a time, there was the fairest maiden whose beauty matched the frosty snow At the same time, the warmth of her heart matched her fiery red lips Throughout the kingdom, everyone knew her innocent beauty would glow
Once upon a time...   Not so very long ago Before the wind had come to blow A girl who lived with long blond hair Came to finally see the snow.   To her delight, and her mother's fright
In the coldest Winter you were the coat that kept me warm Made from many patches all my favorite colours   I trust you like the fire treading through snow storms With your embrace comes wisdom
Descend in a bed of white pale as snow, A gleaming path sprinting far and low, A borough buried bleakly as day turns to night.
Once upon a time, Maiden, you have felt Spring’s breath upon cheek Swept off to castle by Nature’s full bloom Behind veil you remain impenetrable to critique Crossing the threshold with fairest of grooms.  
I breathed, in and out, the soft smell of freshly fallen snow tricking my senses. And as the sun beamed brightly, brilliantly, and gloriously, I smirked, even though it was only ever so slightly.
I glisten I gleam I sparkle I beam. I'm happy I glow Not ice, but snow.
Bright, twinkle, wet, So peaceful and quiet Shouts of joy from children So beautiful to watch A peaceful day for all
“There’s blood on the snow!” I cry,My words are like the wind whisking by.Revealed in those sheets of snow so white,Cultivates a crimson cause for fright.  
It’s cold this time of year Bitter fights White frosted hands and words School is tiring Dull and monotonous It is warm though
The way that the sun sets and the sky looks as if it’s on fire, Sitting on the edge looking down endless rows of trees and wanting to be even higher,  
Whenever I’m alone On a snowy, winter night Or lost in the world With only darkness in sight I look for some things That will make my life bright;
The foreigner makes his way as the snow falls.   His feet, unaccustomed, are awkward and crude, and leave a crooked muddied trail in a vast and white field.
roastingwinter mealsjust beforethe snow hits,the dry chilling airencircles us twolittle penguinsin our black overcoatsas we smellsweet sugars formupon the darkening skin
I found a snowfall kind of boy One who just silences the world,  when he comes around.   It takes a delicate touch to keep a snowflake   I cannot say That  have such a touch
Snow twirls through the air Soft and dainty Crafted elegantly with designs The human eye can't see The sky is gray White Who really knows It shields the cozy homes below
NO What song was I listening to? NO How fast was I going? NO What time was it? NO  Where was I going? NO Where did I come from? NO Where is my other tire? NO
A swift, steady, determined shake Sleeping village from slumber wakes The lonely streets caressed by flakes The town turns over, but snoozes on
Sometimes the birds will sing on Sunday Sometimes the birds won't sing Sometimes the flowers bloom early Sometimes it snows in Spring   Sometimes the sun sleeps at twilight Leaving a painted sky
Winter Wonderland   Snow all around the area. It is an enjoyable hysteria.   Let the snow fall before me.
headlights in stark spaces where the bones curled in the stasis of the veins, vermilion capillaries;bloodstains like velvet Januaries:crackle out like lightning- thundering like bursting hearts; 
Whispers in my ears   Snow crystals decorate hair.  My face is bitten. 
"The darkness of a shadow The trickle of a stream The sweet grass in a meadow] As light cuts through the trees The little barn owl swoops low As a mouse rustles the leaves
Sakura, color me pink, Sakura, color me white. Above all colors, don't hold red. A delicate figure among the snow, Such jealousy and respect cannot compare Your Wisdom and you Pride.
Snow covers a landscape all too familiar. Winter’s clutch on suburban Maryland is slowly tightening. I listen close for just one sound of life, But nothing can be heard during this lifeless time.  
it is cold  the breathe she sighs   freezes  forming tiny clouds over her head; an icy halo.    " so many letters..." she mutters, "so many words just tossed away,  
Child,      I’m sorry for the cold      And the pictures in the snow        Your bright red cheeks were only reflections      of the season        Your tears ran down in the cold
Being excited to start the New Year Knowing there is nothing to bring you bad fear Maybe you’ll get up and grab you a beer Happy and joyful for the upcoming cheer   Family and friends will all gather around
Catching the snowflakes as they fall The taste of winter cold and clear  Staring at the frosty swirls etched upon the windows adoringly The heavy blue clouds entrap the sky in their folds Winter has descended   
Walking in summer is swimming, legs cutting strokes through mid-afternoon heat and humidity. Dappled shade on the sidewalk
White little flakes, I see you coming down From the heavy clouds, as if wearing a downy gown Some go on houses and some on the ground Some seem pointy and some seem round   It's snowing again
I feel like I am falling out of the sky,  down from the highest point. But there are always higher places. and lower.    I am sinking into a world that is too hot and crowded.  
Cold as ice. Intricate flakes hit the ground. Just like me. Fragile, but falling. Close to destruction.
It is your best kept secret and your biggest mistake: almost like an incredibly attractive person catching your eye and then manipulating you to explore their territory and eventually uneasily stepping in.  
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How can I go creeping Barefoot in the snow? How can I love so deeply, Someone I do not know?   There is beauty that I find In your smile, in your eyes In the tears while you cry
Finally I can cross another item off my bucket list
I like to see the snow fall
The snow dances down Like prima ballerinas, Floating and flitting. It lands with not one small sound, A lull, then orchestra swells.
All trees are stretching, Shaking off heavy blankets, Buds blossoming out. 
Snow falls As gently on the ground As lovers  Caress skin. Coating the ground  With soft whike flakes Hushing the world around it Until even a whisper Cannot be heard. 
Winter,why wont you go. I am cold. There is to much snow. It is suppose to be spring. Your time is over. GO! Were is spring? Why isnt spring here? You know what GO winter!
What we are
Who am I? Do YOU know?
My shoes stepped onto the land filled with falling snow,                         My blondish hair shined in the cold day,                 My brown eyes, stare at a wondering crow,                     
Its whispering winds
I may not be what you envisioned That perfect porcelian doll. It wasn't my decision
Winter time has come at last It's time to play, forget the past We'll jump in the rain and play in the snow When we'll come home, nobody knows   We'll build a snowman, we'll slide down a hill
Snowflakes twirl and dance in the air Softly prancing as a mare Beauty swirling in the air Softly landing in your hair Unique serenity Blanketing the ground
First snow
What If there wasn't any snow?   There wasn't any children hitting eachother with snowballs. No Merry White Christmas Holiday phone calls. No dreaming of  "a white Christmas",
I remain here. I'm frozen in place, No one is here to warm me. No one is here to wipe my tears. No one is here to hear my screams. No one is here to chase away my fears
Winter Flows Through Me, While life is changing now. Life dies slowly now.  
Quiet friend, gentle touch, white sheets, the world in its clutch. Silently falling, blanket my mind,
Lights sparkling, snow falling. Family's laughing, cookies baking. Stories being told, gifts being wrapped. Socks and slippers. Chilli and soup. These are a few of my favorite things.  
He is winter. He is the excitement that takes over. His eyes are snowflakes, drifting in the wind, carpeting the land in a cloak of white. His lips are the colors only shown by the setting sun, colors of pink.
Life has its ups and downs as you know Things can make me sad and they can make me happy Yet I want to be uplifted. Perfect euphoria is within my reach when: I stand in the clearing of a snow-cloaked forest
I must go back to hills again, to cold and snow and sky And all ask is a pair of skis and poles to balance by And cold that stings and wind that blows and white that hurts the eye
The world spins around me
The snow sprinkles down, It clumps together, And waits for its friends to arrive. I, too, wait, For something to do, In attempts to pass the time. My boyfriend shovels The new fallen snow,
I want you to write me A poem and serenade me Like bygone days I will wake up with snow Reflecting blue on white ceiling And hear your rough voice
                                   Through the Eyes of an Optimist                                           By: Kegan Graham
Dropping to the ground, Solid droplets lying down In absence of sound.
Leave me alone You mean nothing to me I don't want you here Say nothing to me I've got snow in my ears And water in my eyes Your argument is invalid I reject all your lies
It is summer again.
Soft snow,  Falling innocently.  Whitness, quietness. Without a care,  Fall wherever you like.   
Snow covers mountains soft flutter, lands and touches the whisper of snowflakes
Do you hate the way     that our magnetized timesturn us all to metal shavings--     push and pull--charged eachday to fill up negative spacewith negative attraction?Were you repulsed when polarities
  Snow starts to fall and the child smiles
Sunlit blanket Of fluffy snow Etches a sculpture, Marble against sky.   Lacy ice Forms a window Shielding From the worst truth.   It was not heralded
You step out tentatively, unsure, scared, The cold air hitting you straight in the face. Master is behind you, urging you on. “It’s alright, it can’t hurt you.” Push, push, shove.
Her beauty is snow storms, tucked away, Tiny freezing snowflakes bottled in my fingers.   It comforts me, and breaks my fall, And its sparks set my heart alight.   This girl is unique in perfection,
the warm white tide Your footsteps in the sand, They’re only temporary, Soon to fill with seawater, Flushed orange with the last Lost rays of shimmering daylight.
the rain is falling
My dresses are ready, they are all woken up. I set out a plan, yet it snowed all night. :( spring was supposed to have come!
To be a teacher you need to know
Snowflakes are falling.  My desire is failing.  I should be outside playing.  Sending snowballs sailing.    Why am I here? There will be no learning today. 
Once as a child I looked into this woman's eyes,and all I saw was this empty gray.She smiled and it was almost believable,but the gray seemed to drain the colorof her face
Fresh under soles Crisp with crystal individuality Blank of all expressive color Save that which speaks Soundly above all the others With meaning of life, love, and beauty Shrouding gray faulted paths
My teacher once told me The snow absorbs sound And that is why in winter When the air is cold And comes out in puffs The world is silent And any sound is muffled By a heavy crystal blanket
There is nothing quite as beautiful as the first fall of snow. Freezing, glimmering crystals adorn the ground in a white gown. Outside it is cold and windy. Inside there is warmth and cheer.
Floating Hovering above where I want to be Reality isn't about keeping calm or carrying on Reality is fog in a forest Orange trees swallowed whole Unaware of what is said or heard
It feels amazing getting took
Glistening snow, rolling across fields, houses, homes. Melted at doors, windows, encrusted on hearts. Smooth, covering a jagged world, hiding, obscuring, what the world is and was.
His smile is like stars Condensed to bright white like the Snow beneath our feet
frostbitten cheeks and a red nose, adorning each child's gleaming face the first snow fall of winter
Outside is dark, dreary   Without a single beam of white moonlight The wind has stilled, mostly   But heavy cold blankets the quiet town It is dark white, freezing   A land of ice but for some falling flakes
The snow is like pavement; specks glistening in the sun.
There is something wrong with my insides They are too still, too silent The wind blows and my brain tries to compensate so it has become my skin, my shield it complains jesus it's cold
There is something wrong with my insides They are too still, too silent The wind blows and my brain tries to compensate so it has become my skin, my shield it complains jesus it's cold
There are many different kinds of snow.  Some kinds are good, others are better, perhaps one or two are even a little unpleasant, but all make me smile.
Snap, crackle, pop Rice Crispies The sounds of the ice as the man, briskly Walked. fresh snow cold as liquid nitrogen
Slow, Silent, and Cold
Blanketed by sheets of fluff Cold and plain these lands become. Undisturbed and free of footfall, The endless blizzard expands.  
Little soldiers fall from the sky; Trying to capture the world below. Dressed up in coats of fair color—dive Down from their ships above—come.   Pouring from ships of light air
I wake up, another morning, so cold, getting up from this warmth that surrounds me, feels like taking a plunge into a world of no warmth. Stepping outside into the freezing early morning, 
The bitter bite of the frosty cold flakes dance on eyelashes and nip at noses The crystal white city on a snow covered night   twinkling evergreens tower over, bathed in bright light and the glitter of fresh snow
Snow falling. Mother calling. Pies baking. Dog shaking. Ham burning. Stomach churning. Diner ready. I’m unsteady. Music started. Father farted. Tv’s on. Christmas marathon.
Soft red lips Turned up—a smile Of wit and love— Toward the lips of another Reflections In each other’s eyes Radiant light Shrouds her body A silky gown of dreams
Are youso cold?Barefooted, youwalk onice. You areunaffected by thebite of thecrystalsdancing in theturbulent wind.Snowflakes crownyour headas you hang
This sweater of mine is ready for the breezing weather Wraps around me, not light like a feather Golden ball of fire hides behind the fluff Oh, what a wonderful season full of stuff apples, leaves, candy
Feather Light Flakes Feather light flakes drift down from the sky, Dusting the flowers that only just died, Soaking through leaves that only just dried.   You wake up to silence
Freefalling A tiny white crystal of ice Descending from heaven A precious gift   Glittering in the light Falling, sparkling, beautiful In its own right A masterpiece unto itself  
lemon sweet magnolia sticky melting in the trees. wild abandon in a dark forest, sunlight slots on a soft, mossy floor. kisses without care. wet raindrops on soft skin, cooling hot blood.
Come softly now to the meadow Come, in all your downy glory Fragile and beautiful, Gleaming eyes of Boreas watch as you dance Round ‘n round you go Radiant, ravishing, and refined   Gloriously white
As I walk thru the winter woods, I hear the songs and tunes of the forest.
Walking the streets with my head hung low. I feel so bad it seems I've lost my way,
This morning I woke To a dusting of snow That God did sprinkle On us mortals below   The driveway did sparkle The frost did gleam While I, disgruntled Returned to my dream
It is here where the birds refuse to fly, and the animals, graze      For on this spot people have died     There was no one here to save    The tattered souls of the depraved  
The Sycamores sit high enthroned Above a frozen stream, Limbs bare as bone, Like old skeletons from a dream.   But Beeches wear their leaves quite late So that when other trees
Slowly falling from the sky With the wind blowing harder and harder The day ends with a great sigh Fall ends with the start of winter   Slowly falling from the clouds A breeze hits with a plow
Oh the dark o'ersized spider Crawling through the murk and mire Its lumbering fangs do aspire Slumbering lives soon retire In the dark, they do not know Soon thier sleeping fate will show
Let’s bury ourselves beneath the snow, Hidden away where no one knows Let’s freeze ourselves within the ice,
The sun casts its blinding rays onto the snow-covered ground to create a glittering reflection that has always reminded me of broken mirror shards.
So crisp and cold the sounds last forever Fluffy white under your feet crunch.
The white is everywhere It covers everything Nothing is safe from the white blanket The white blanket of snow It covers everything,head to toe Cars,tress,houses, and dead flowers
in light snow you take the ferry to the island a cold wind blows and you wrap your coat around you.   dark water sloshes snowflakes like glitter floating on the surface
Frozen, my skin my heart Pure, so white, untainted Covering up the dirt and grime Settling around me like a lover I've never had Kiss so cold, seeping into me Never shall I be warm again
Paled in the astral glow, the snow seemed to die with each flake that careened down from the heavens. The surrounding area lapsed into silence for respect of the fallen. Creatures tread easy because they know death quite well; they are next.
Peering out of the frost-covered window panedelicate snowflakes viciously whipped around.On a thin plate of glassI placed my feet.Every little branch, every little pebbleis blanketed in snow.
Cover me Never let me go Outside of your comfort the world seems like snow. Snow whose depth is unknown Whose silence creates a creep Just cradle me away from the snow into sleep My dear bed.
Dances in on fairy feetGives rosy cheeks little kissesBy gently touching each face with loveIn a cold, barren wastelandAnd then flies away on wispy, delicate wings...
Throughout the winter the white delicate snow falls so cold and so pure
Hot Chocolate Warms me up when I am cold Brutal snow
Snow drifting, falling to the ground Fire burning, family all around It's the time I've been dreaming of so long The first snow I walk outside, staring up in bliss Spin in circles, shriek at all I've missed
Though I woke before the sun had risen I was already late, forced to hurry I would soon break free from the prison Of the civilized world and its worries.
White flakes dancing in the air Falling gracefully in my hair Melting on the ground Not making a sound The Sun's face is despair. The frozen rains covers the lands As it grips the trees with its hands
Snow. It is everywhere. The snow fell to the ground and enveloped the Earth in a big blanket. A hush fell over the world. Everyone looked at the white, cold stuff fall down. Suddenly the children rejoiced, and chanted for a snow day.
Twinkling, descending, clear shafts Drip helplessly from Garage roofs, and Ice takes shape of pealed Paint along the house-side, And I’m glad because at least once a year my
Silently snow falls through the Night air. Our baby's first winter in the Woods is Filled with Light from flame and star And the scent of pine. Kettle whistles split the silence, and
When winter storms bring snow and ice and springs face hides beneath And life is draped in cold regret where jealousy sinks its teeth The road is dark and rough, though often traversed by those
The snowflakes dance their joyous dance moving in circular motions here and there the beauty of it puts even the great muses, and laurel trees to shame rushing towards me like little children,
(poems go here) Peeking through a small break in the tree I see the flurries dive through the sky They flutter to the ground, and it catches on my knees I study it, I admire its uniqueness
(poems go here) Peeking through a small break in the tree I see the flurries dive through the sky They flutter to the ground, and it catches on my knees I study it, I admire its uniqueness
Crystals of ice hand-crafted by the divine White as the aura of a newborn babe Unique, complex, exceptional Beauty in its most natural form
The snow is a blanket surrounding our world, Protection from the winter. White, pure, it seems soft; Yet when you touch it, it’s cold; It melts. At first it seems safe, the lamb of winter.
The snow, a ribbon of white, wraps all around you. And without knowing it, it pulls you into a bitter world. You do not like it at first, but then you come to realize, it is beautiful.
snow oh snow why do you freeze me so make my nose all frozen so to school I can not go oh how I love thee snow
i wanna live out this life in the nitty gritty. real, live, life. full of blood and sweat and dirt and clean, fresh air, and mud and grass. cause i want to break out of this old skin and fly with the seagulls in parking lots.
It is snowing. The white specks are dancing. The world turns upside down. The reindeer are prancing. There is no wind in this world only the constant swirling. I stay rooted to the ground
Silver wisps stream Soar Whirling through crisp air Embracing shadows Mysterious melodies fly in the moonlit sky Silent sounds surround A flautist’s silhouette dances across the snow
Snow. Silently falling, It covers the ground, For miles around, Snow. It is white and fluffy, Soft and airy, You look out the window, and feel Peace. Be still. Be quiet. Snow.
As i sit here looking out the snowy window i believe that all the peace in the world is still here i forget about the fighting and suffering the lying and the cheating
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