Grimm's Histoire 302

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 16:41 -- Dirk

Once upon a time,

Maiden, you have felt Spring’s breath upon cheek

Swept off to castle by Nature’s full bloom

Behind veil you remain impenetrable to critique

Crossing the threshold with fairest of grooms.


Twice upon a time.

Doe eyed dost thou sit to moment’s rest

Below young toddler – o squeal of delight!

Tosses and tumbles without sign of distress

Where wouldst thou join her another night.


The Third time

House hangs its bleak cloaked fettering down

Ancient clock strikes the belle’s chilling blow

Your hunched shoulders heavy hungry for the crown.


Fie! she, wanton girl! Would steal your rightful glow

Hast she forgotten pious love with King fairer than Snow?

To apple this bitterness tends rotten to e’ry core


Alas, my Queen – withered – happiness finds you nevermore.


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