The Castle of Snow


Her beauty is snow storms, tucked away,

Tiny freezing snowflakes bottled in my fingers.


It comforts me, and breaks my fall,

And its sparks set my heart alight.


This girl is unique in perfection,

I could wish nothing more.


There, spinning, eyes turned up,

Catching each swirling snowflake,

My attention is caught in her dance,

Her features spinning around me.


My blazing fingers are in the curve of her hip,

And my lips memorizing her sweetest smile.


It is she who serenades me,

Her well cherished voice guiding me

Like pure white twirling whispers of snow.


Her every detail demands my breath,

For she is such beautiful art.


She is a masterpiece of the infinite,

And none can shape her delicate intricacy.


She has let me sculpt her.

But my hands could not be steady enough,

Without her words and her peaceful patience,

To teach me.


Swirling in her chest,

There is a glimmering mote.


It melts bits of snow to tears,

Leaving the crystals of her beauty.

The arches and geometric shapes,

Of her life, mind, and soul,

Standing as monuments around me.


It is a beautiful, lost city,

It is paradise within her heart.



It is mine to explore,

Under her protection,

And ready to give her my life.


Yet, the snow storms in her eyes are but trifling,

When compared to the place she has created in my heart.


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