Three Gifts White


Soft red lips

Turned up—a smile

Of wit and love—

Toward the lips of another


In each other’s eyes

Radiant light

Shrouds her body

A silky gown of dreams

Woven from the snowflakes

Cascading around her

And her lover

As their palms meet

And fingers entwine

Dancing, as icy flecks

Speckle their hair

And melt on their noses

Their gazes shift up

To the winter sky

To the precious dove

And its gentle coo

A quivering sound

To new couples’ ears

Bonding them in

Everlasting romance

Shimmering winter

And purity

To be themselves



If you have opinions, I'd love to hear them! :) Thanks!!


Thank you for your encouragements and suggestions. I've done what you said and revised this a bit. I still kept a lot of the same line breaks, but I edited quite a few lines out and I like the flow a bit more now. Of course, I still keep copies of all of my originals, but your help was most appriciated here! :) Thanks so much!

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