I feel like I am falling

out of the sky, 

down from the highest point.

But there are always higher places.

and lower. 


I am sinking into a world

that is too hot and crowded.  

A mound of individuals

similar in their differences, 

too cold and seperate.

If they would just soften a little 

they would see the homogenuity... 

that they are not alone. 


The ground is rushing up now 

as I tumble down,

a flash of white against the grey.

A journey of a lifetime complete in seconds. 

How brief and monumental.

Will anyone remember?  

Will any care? 


I think as I hit the pavement

and melt into the ground 

only to start again 

on another day, 

in another life.







This poem is about: 
Our world


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