To Snowboarders Everywhere

Finally I can cross another item off my bucket list

The freezing cold wind slices into my exposed wrist

Straps so tight I’m losing feeling in my feet

Bum still numb from the cold ski lift seat

The view up here is like a screen saver

Hopefully I can make it to the bottom later

That’s unlikely because I’m very nervous and scared

“Sara, you must go snowboarding!” they dared.

Hesitantly I lean my board down the hill

Shivers go up my spine like an adventurous chill

Carefully I maneuver atop the fresh powder snow

Oh how much faster I wish I could go!

This is something I’d love to do again

too bad I’ll have to wait until next season

because soon the spring flowers will blossom

But, man... snowboarding is awesome 


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Our world


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