Snow on the Battlefield

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 17:28 -- Kyxster

Draining on
No longer afraid
Break of dawn 
A new day
It flutters down
A miracle
Blood stained mud 
however it's true
The things said 
Never knowing
If I'll rest my head
The pains, intensities
Continuing on
Such complexities 
Worse than a song
Remembering home
The ones I love 
On my day drones
Of things you can't think of
Expecting the worst
Things not comprehended
Explosions burst 
Miracles still come
Unbelievably so
Bird's beautiful hums
Calmly flow
Close to noon 
The sun shines
Hoping to come home soon
My tears dry 
Falling asleep
I never regret 
Thoughts so deep 
Mind can't forget 
The cold, unbearable
Break of dawn 
It flutters down
Scene so beautiful
My heart yields
A Christmas miracle 
Snow on the Battlefield




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