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You never seemed capable of such change, never dreamed that you could have forgotten all those hot summer days we once shared. You told me how you wanted to cut
I often think of us as a time of day early evening, late July cherry trees swaying in golden hour light I float home with you every step a bit of music 
Today I dyed my arm red I drained myself of life I sat under the stars and took a gasping breath Tomorrow I will wake and repeat the same morning   I will never have the same morning
As I stand at this gateway I think of heaven In my head it is framed As a world with no enemy A world with a perfect God A world colored gold by faith
Senior year was dimmed by the coming shadow of applying to college Countless hours in coffee shops writing essays The alternating waves of excitement and stress It’s all about the money
I sat alone on my floor My eyes glazed, my heart quiet Watching the calm accumulation of my mess Dirty laundry and outfits unworn, piling
I wish that I had never opened my eyes Wishing to go back to the time where I was naive To the time where I could not see the deceiver standing before me
Whispers drift with the salty breeze. Oh, my dear. His tender hand brushes a lock of hair behind her ear. Just, for me, bear it a little longer. Let’s enjoy the fireworks at eight.
I don’t know if I will make it through this time. I don’t want to endure this pain again. In my heart is it wrong to reminisce? Alone with myself sobbing back tears. I have forgotten how it felt to smile.
Inside it is dark There’s a monster in me It is something I can not hide The monster was created to shield my fragile heart from pain.
Your shoulders held up with gilded rope. Delicate, as if gliding on the wind. My words slip, voice chokes and drowns, and for an insignificant time, I’m lost and strung out. The moment came and the moment
A product of love is a daughter. Bury her in lies So she can never achieve self love. She's not the image they wanted her to be.  It's nearly punishing to fathom loving something you don't truly want. 
"Listen to the forest. Breathe; this is home." When I say this to myself, I am you. I become Daddy's footprints. My first steps were on top of feet with fingers held in weathered hands
  Springtime in the meadow, Anavel weaves her silken dress. She sings the songs of the swan, basking in the welcoming heat of the day.
  Into her torn shoes fell the rocks. She let them crumble, let herself bleed. Trudging towards her tryst with trees, under battered broken branches she
  Into her torn shoes fell the rocks. She let them crumble, let herself bleed. Trudging towards her tryst with trees, under battered broken branches she
We dance, merry in a fortunate life With lights flashing blue and green and red Our only wish: that this will never end A sentence without a terminal point We are young. We are free in this great dance
what are Women’s Rights? 
Before my first breath, I attended class Listening to voices and what they said Words too complex for my understanding Yet their inflections and tones stirred within Little did I know, I’d find a career
His kind was not meant to dream—no, that gift Was reserved for others.  Not for him. But he did dream—horribly vivid, raw Dreams of blood and triumph and ichor.
Brush strokes over a canvas, Waves, like roads, Like branches on a tree. An old car, papers balanced on the dash, The weaving highway a snake, Glints on the horizon of sunset-red.  
A baby boy, unnervingly small
Everyone remembers when they have experienced falling, resolutely and strictly, for one whose laughter is music, whose words are orders and whose touch is sweet.
Cold concrete brings ache to his body—unforgiving Drops pour through a window onto his tired back Yearning for freedom, he begs for the light of the moon, Trapped in this nightmare, the pain will not fade.
Dad says to mom, I need a ride to the pharmacy The car is too hot, maybe we should walk. I’m left to watch my brothers and sisters discuss teenage melancholy rumors and cigarettes.
Remembering the time when I wanted to grow old faster. Thought things were easy as I’ve seen grown-ups do their way. As my height increase inch-by-inch The clothes I wear changes day by day  
Preceeded not once by a warning sign, and prior experience forgotten, a crush Is discovered when one spots The One and their heart abruptly pulls the brakes.  All of a sudden a sensation of falling,
We feel safest on the shore, But no one is immune to the changing tides. They advance and fall away in a rhythm relentless. Not one can stand unaffected
With the world on her mind and hole in her chest, she is falling. The weight she carries quickens her decent into the murky depths of confusion Every thought, every action, has left her alone and lost.
In this sestina I can't be held back
what is there left to tell anymore? I'm presenting my case to an empty room filled with silence that illuminates my hurt. Don't worry about it, you're worthless to me now; you
That philosopher whose words I pondered, I was five, and five plus five equaled ten,
Numerous giants stand straight and tall While ignorant mortals to and fro run The sun will soon hide its glorious light From a city that is much too busy Yet superficial stars will still glow
Body under blanket; sick in mind. Coughing tears into a delicate tissue as fragile as the aching heart, that rests heavily between two collapsing lungs. Filled with gasped air and racing blood,
This sestina is dedicated/inspired Joyce Carol Oates' short fiction Where Are You Going, Whe
The fragrant zest of pine assaults my nose as I exit the dingy white van. Now, at last, I know where I am again, the gleaming lake and lawless country road my limits,
The sand, the water, all so Beautiful Recovered from a past of Ashes Earthquakes, hurricanes, Drought, Mother Earth filled with Rage, Avenging the world of the Abusive Humans; the corrupt, the reckless
Listening to the music, While tears stream down my face; Is just another day. I tell myself that tomorrow will be better? But I know the truth. Nothing will change. Who was I kidding?
My thoughts sprawl across the night,even with closed eyes.I wish I could pluck little memories,and throw them miles away.They dance playfully in and out of my mind,confusing what is real.
I step onto the balcony, focusing on nothing but the shadowy night sky, empty of stars      I remember gazing from the same spot with child’s eyes, my father’s warm, strong hand
It crept and crawledand swirled arounduntil at last I felt its cold handsstruggling to pull me down, fighting for its life.It has finally taken over me.I finally gave in to the sin.
I sat and shivered hopelessly, I wore The thinnest sheet of cotton blanket found For a night my window stayed ajar, the pane Coated with a film of dusty finish Welcomed in a musty air that’s growing faint
1. Music2. Truth3. Quiet4. Hate5. Mind6. Heart  
Cold, green grass buried under bare feet, Shivering, squirming to get loose, to be free, Wiggling up between toes, afraid of being trapped. Rasping against skin, embedded into the bones
Perfect white - clouds rolling like hills under A sky pale blue like his eyes: sightless, remembering. Staring through a glass oval, indented deep
You cannot make me be that one; That one who will leave you to your Thoughts – a penny for your thoughts? Confide in me; rely on me. Give to me your heavy heart; On your shoulders, I see a world.  
Daddy bear, eat your steel- Cut oats.  I know the crunch will stress Your cracked jaw, but ain’t they so gold In color?  Before you go to the mine, You’ll need your guns, so eat some, please.  I’ll get Temple
a little girl runs around far from feeling faintly exhausted unsure of the time of day she runs back home to check the time no clock in sight, and enough light an era left to play
They say "Don't follow others, just be yourself, Originality is key; it's all up to you". They also say "Don't be a freak, Don't hog all the attention, Not everyone can be the best", So what can we do?
It’s smooth, curvy, and cold to the touch, It’s an unimaginable feeling that escapes in an instant Because one day it’s there, the next day—gone. Only eagle eyes spot it; Only the earth knows its hiding place.
The student prepares for college Searching for a school with a perfect fit The journey has already started leaving his parents, the boy becomes a man Click, click goes the mouse on the computer
Will. It bends It creaks It pleads not to break. You work You struggle You move. Will. Can’t see it Can’t touch it Can’t smell it. You breath You laugh You shiver. Will.
Now Hollywood wants to make you think they know what love is. But I'm a tell you what true love is. Love is not what you see in the movies. Its not the ecstasy, its not what you see in that scene
Words flow quickly from her singing mouth, as her hair was carried by a soft breeze. “You think you own whatever land you land on, the Earth is just a dead thing you can claim.” As Englishmen
We watch the sky turn, lustrous blue to slate black, hiding behind jagged mountains, the bright, gleaming sun now sleeps, closing its exhausted eyes. The arise of the full glowing moon
The fire lit up the small room And everyone looked with wide eyes As it danced before them in the silence. It enchanted its audience and made them Forget. They looked at it and gave it their
“One step at a time,” she says to me. “Just a few more steps and you’ll be free.” As she speaks we draw closer to the roaring sea, and I wonder what this woman could want me to see.
You might as well fuck For virginity, if you war On account of peace. Life is full of irony. Fraught from the plurality of man Uniformity mistaken for marching to your own beat.
The old, faded wallpaper hangs on the walls Ripped in spots where the cat has tested her claws And where the wall meets the post of my bed. Small birds peck at the breadcrumbs thrown into the yard,
My world is inconsistent. All of us are far too absent-minded to fix it, too indifferent to care about any sort of intellectual growth. We become strangely detached and all we are left with is the cold.
From the day the boy and girl met he promised her he’d love her “till she was greeted by death.” He prayed that day would never come and only thought of it with horror. And she loved him.
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