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a little girl runs around
far from feeling faintly exhausted
unsure of the time of day
she runs back home to check the time
no clock in sight, and enough light
an era left to play

she goes out to play
swinging around
tree branches, because she is light
weightless enough to hold on without the branches becoming exhausted
she continues swinging for all of her time
for all hours left in her day

The end of her day
drew near. No longer could the girl play.
It was hardly the time
for fooling around.
It wasn't that she was exhausted
there just wasn't enough light.

She misses the light.
She misses the fun she had that day
However, realizing she actually was exhausted
she stopped thinking about going out to play.
Duties distracted her all around around;
she began to lose track of time.

the time
had come, and again the light
could be seen all around
a lovely day
to go and play
but this idea was exhausted

The woman remained exhausted
because it wasn't her time
to play.
this light
belonged to another day
with a little girl running and running around

around she went not exhausted
it was her day not checking the time
she decided it's still light enough to play


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