Till Death

From the day the boy and girl met
he promised her he’d love her
“till she was greeted by death.”
He prayed that day would never come
and only thought of it with horror.
And she loved him.

Many years later, she eloped with him
because when he and her parents met
her parents looked upon their relationship with horror.
Their disapproval deeply hurt her,
and since she knew they would not come
without them she vowed to stay with him “till death.”

Not long after the marriage arrived the first death.
The new kitten was trapped under a car that killed him.
The girl tried to hide the tears that did come,
but she did not need to fear because she was met
by her love who comforted her
in her horror.

For the boy there was a season of horror
that began with his dear mother’s death
The boy and girl had both truly loved her.
The girl did her best to comfort him.
She remembered when his mother she’d first met
and his mother had treated her like the family who had come.

The worst had not yet come.
For a year or so there was no more horror.
By true strife the couple were not met.
Only in the movies were such terrors as death
until one day when the boy’s doctor told him.
That night would be one of the last times the boy told her he loved her.

He’d promised her he’d love her,
but finally that day had come.
He’d given her every part of him.
The girl received his diagnosis with horror.
Within weeks the doctor’s name would be signed on his certificate of death.
They’d loved each other for the few but priceless years from the day they had met.


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