My World


United States
37° 46' 54.0624" N, 122° 10' 54.12" W

My world is inconsistent.
All of us are far too absent-minded
to fix it, too indifferent
to care about any sort of intellectual
growth. We become strangely detached
and all we are left with is the cold.

And I have noticed that humans are cold.
And even though the world is inconsistent,
We remain constantly and consistently detached.
So caught up in ourselves, absent-minded.
Though we have the potential to be intellectual,
we can live with a lack of knowledge, indifferent.

Suffering surrounds us and we remain indifferent.
It is presented to us and we are surprisingly cold.
And now, even those who are intellectual,
are only sometimes kind, inconsistent.
I am surprised how absent-minded
a person can be, how detached.

When the world hurts us, and we become detached,
now knowing that the world is indifferent.
Some use drugs to stay absent-minded,
so they never know they are out in the cold.
It is unfair and inconsistent
that the rich are warm and not the intellectual.

Are they really intellectual?
Can you be, after you have become detached?
That is how we can be inconsistent,
because we are trained to be indifferent,
as soon as we are born to those who are cold.
It is too easy to become absent-minded.

We are left in the land of the absent-minded.
We are no longer intellectual.
Were we ever, in a world so cold?
From Mother Earth, we are detached.
Which leaves only to be indifferent,
In love with ‘inconsistent.’

It hurts be inconsistent and detached.
Harder to be intellectual than absent-minded.
We are left in a world indifferent, alone, cold.

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