Meadowed Swan


Springtime in the meadow,

Anavel weaves her silken dress.

She sings the songs of the swan,

basking in the welcoming heat of the day.

Her heart longs for the man

who visits and camps there once a year.



She always dances during this time of year,

but watches him silently in the meadow.

Watching him long enough that she loves the man.

It is for him that she weaves her dress,

hoping that he’ll maybe marry her during the day,

but she is merely a Goddess of the Swan.



When she dances it’s just like a swan,

she only dances like such, once a year.

Night she twirls her body; she’s silent beauty by day.

The perfect man is welcomed by the meadow

and the needle glows happily against the dress.

Her heart swells with the sight of the man.



Fascination larger than the sun for that man,

Greater than the love she has for her swans,

the sun shines its encouragement against her dress.

Maybe this year will be the year.

She sees him with a bright smile in the meadow,

nothing can shake her from the elation of this day.


Today with all it’s glory, should be the day

when she finally gathers the courage to approach the man.

The grasses and flowers became more vibrant in the meadow,

she feels the strength being the Goddess of the Swan.

She was going to remove all fear, for once this year.

Her needle had finished it’s work on her dress.



A work of years was the results of this dress,

work the sun had given her light for each day.

She saw that the man had grown since last year.

Oh how he was the most beautiful man.

She got closer and started to sing her swan song,

about her springtimes in the meadow.



She sung about the day, the gorgeous man.

Twirling in her silken dress honoring the graceful swan,

She smiled into the empty meadow again for another year.



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