Tiny Socks Sestina

Thu, 08/06/2015 - 21:28 -- andawh

A baby boy, unnervingly small

Brings the angels joy

To be wrapped up like a gift 

He is the most humbling part of life

On his feet are tiny socks

An exhausted mother wraps him with a blanket 


She bundles him in a fleece blanket 

Because it's easy for him to lose warmth, for he is so small

I think I'll forever keep his little socks

To have them when he has grown (though still bringing joy)

Just imagine, like him, knowing nothing of life

For now ignorance is his gift


Family and friends give plenty gifts

Bottles, binkies, and baby blankets

The occurrence of a new life

Is not anything small

They acknowledge each other's joy

And swoon over his miniature socks


They're a nice thing, socks

Feet thankful for warmth's gift

His feet are joyous 

As are we, as we hold him in his blanket

Intimidated by his smallness 

We are teeming with the good vibes of life


A newborn, a new life

The same in the future as it was the same in the era of bobby socks

We perceive life to be so huge, but really it's this small

He is forever a gift

Even when on the earth he is blanketed

Bringing the soil joy


It never fadesthe joy

Because the moment lasts a lifetime

A baby in a blanket

Wearing tiny socks

Bearing gifts

So small


Find joy in his socks

His life is your gift

Blanket him with affection and don't let him feel small


This poem is about: 
My family


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