Daddy Bear

Daddy bear, eat your steel-

Cut oats.  I know the crunch will stress

Your cracked jaw, but ain’t they so gold

In color?  Before you go to the mine,

You’ll need your guns, so eat some, please.  I’ll get Temple

Ready for bed, and with smiles we’ll greet you in the morning.


I kick you.  Daddy bear, why were you late this morning?

My fist throbs from punching your heart of steel.

Daddy, do you forget that you are my temple?

Your existence is the cause of my stress,

But so is that nightmare of your blood in the mine

After you’ve gotten the gold.


My sweet child, made of God’s gold,

I hope that you’ll see me tomorrow morning,

But I don’t know.  It’s ruthless in that mine,

And sometimes it can steal

Daddies in a wink.  Your stress

Is real.  For now, care for Temple.


Get your sister, Temple!

He was found amidst the gold.

I’m sorry, child, too much stress.

We are in mourning.

The casket we’ll have to steal.

Your dad, he lost to the mine.


Daddy bear, that damn mine, you were mine,

Not his.  They say it lodged through your temple

Something made of steel.

After my tears, I will stay gold

For you, for Temple.  Mourning

Ain’t the solution to this stress.


I cannot stress

How much you are still mine,

In words.  I need faith, so in the morning,

I’ll go to that temple,

The one close by, and I’ll pray to the gold

Deities, although I ain’t of that faith.  It’s to borrow, not to steal.


Don’t worry daddy bear; me and Temple will beat the stress.

You weren’t alone in that mine, with all that gold.

Every morning, the mines like to steal.


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