Sestina of my Life

I don’t know if I will make it through this time.

I don’t want to endure this pain again.

In my heart is it wrong to reminisce?

Alone with myself sobbing back tears.

I have forgotten how it felt to smile.

The weight is heavy on my heart, I feel broken.


Through the shards of glass that are broken,

I know I can make it through with time.

I am reminded that I need to smile.

With love comes hope and strength to begin again,

To let go all of the years of tears.

Will I ever forget or will I always want to reminisce?


Could we sit for hours and just reminisce?

My husband, my pride for you, broken.

My memories flow from my being as tears.

I am healed by what I do with this time.

Resurgent emotions bang at my boundaries again.

In you, I will always love your smile.


With the face of his father, he will have that smile.

I see my future stretched out before me yet I still reminisce.

When he kicks, I remember why I am here again.

My child, my body for you, broken.

Through the motions, I realize pain will pass in time.

Sweat beads on my brow as my cheeks are stained with tears.


I revel in the motion of these tears.

It is all worth it to see him smile.

All wounds can be healed with time.

Little moments become the lasting ones we reminisce.

I don’t need to be fixed, for I am not broken.

Outside my comfort zone, reality will strike again.


Nothing will ever be as it once was again.

I never knew the joy of tears.

Myself, my soul, broken

Then mended, when he looks at me just to smile.

Together we will create new memories to reminisce.

All as it was meant to be, I’ll understand in time.


When memories cause tears we will learn to smile.

Not because we are broken, but we learn to reminisce.

Again, this too shall pass with time.


This poem is about: 
My family


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