The Domino Effect of Slavery (a Sestina)


The sand, the water, all so Beautiful

Recovered from a past of Ashes

Earthquakes, hurricanes, Drought,

Mother Earth filled with Rage,

Avenging the world of the Abusive

Humans; the corrupt, the reckless


And it is him, the Reckless 

That strives to be Beautiful

But instead becomes Abusive

Burning his own to Ashes

With Red Whips of Rage

Sucking up all Hope, creating a Drought


And it is this Drought

That creates the Reckless

That influences the Rage

Deep within the hearts of those who were once Beautiful

But their hearts have burned to ashes

Because of the Abusive


And it is the Abusive 

That influences the Drought

Throats so dry, they've become Ashes 

Their minds now Reckless

No longer seeking the Beautiful

Their faces red with rage 


And it is those with Rage

Who seek revenge to the Abusive

Trying to gain what was beautiful

What was destroyed by the drought

What was destroyed by the Ashes


And from the ashes rose rage

And from this, rose the abusive and reckless

And from this, rose the drought, destroying what was once beautiful

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