Sestina #3 (Life of the "Damned")

As I stand at this gateway
I think of heaven
In my head it is framed
As a world with no enemy
A world with a perfect God
A world colored gold by faith

What is faith?
Is it simply believing in a gateway?
I do believe in a God
I will go to heaven
I had no enemy
Until I was framed

But why was I framed?
When did I loose my faith?
On Leviticus 18:22, I made an enemy
As I looked at the gateway
I could not enter heaven
My enemy is God

Is there even a God?
Is he how the book framed?
An invisible man in heaven
For which I have no faith
I cannot see any gateway
God is my enemy

I am now the world's enemy
They still see a "God"
They never had a gateway
They were never honest, and fair, and framed
They don't deserve my faith
I will make my own heaven

Because when I stood at the gateway to his heaven
He framed me as the enemy
He was my God, but now I have no faith

This poem is about: 
Our world


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