The Departure


United States
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The student prepares for college
Searching for a school with a perfect fit
The journey has already started
leaving his parents, the boy becomes a man
Click, click goes the mouse on the computer
The list has now been chosen

The boy sits and wonders “will I be chosen”
“Am I good enough” “Am I ready for college”
These kind of questions are asked by a new man
Waiting anxiously to complete the adventure, already started
He sits on his hard wooden desk tapping on his computer
I must be physically mentally and tactically fit

My athletics aren’t the only worry, my academics have to fit
the schools requirement, otherwise I wont be chosen.
To get a good education its thought that you must attend college
but is that really true, what about the first day of school when a boy becomes a man
These questions go unanswered as I stare at my computer screen

The glow of the screen turns my brain into a computer
tactically analyzing information for each school, making each piece fit
losing focus now, my eyes drift into a copy of The Chosen
I begin to reminisce on the times that I have had and the times to come in college
All that I have lost all that I have gained since I started
this journey I now know what I will become, a man

The story is now told through the eyes of a different man
A man talking through a big computer
He tells the story of a tragic car accident
“A boy was hit today while crossing the street at Loyola Mary-mount College”
the words are all to familiar to the mans father, he plays the message again until things seem to fit,
until things seem to make sense but they never do, and the message is now started

The tears of a family roll down like rain already started
its not just the loss of a child but the loss of a new man
just when things seemed to come together; just when things seemed to fit
everything falls apart now, and everything was so close, he was almost into college.
The mother begins to cry as she reviews the list of schools on her sons computer
nothing makes sense any more why was it her son, why did he have to be chosen.


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