Six words that sustain me


1. Music
2. Truth
3. Quiet
4. Hate
5. Mind
6. Heart


I’m in touch with Music. 1
The lyrics, the beat, the rhythm is the Truth. 2
It makes me settle into Quiet. 3
Interruptions of my mother…I Hate, 4
they run through my Mind. 5
In order to find peace in my Heart 6

Do you hear the pounding of the Heart? 6
The cause is the beat of the Music 1
Pulsating through my Mind. 5
This tells the Truth 2
Skip a beat; stop the Hate 4
Palpitation makes me Quiet. 3


This organ functions in Quiet. 3
There are two ventricles in the Heart: 6
The left pumps in blood of Hate 4
The right pumps out blood of Music 1
The lungs release a breath full of Truth 2
Blood pressure rises in my Mind 5

Want to know the parts of my Mind? 5
The brain stem consists of Quiet 3
The motor cortex consists of Truth 2
The Wernicke’s area is a little piece of my Heart 6
The frontal lobe consists of Music 1
The broca’s area is Hate 4

I wonder why I have so much Hate 4
inside of me. It’s plastered all over my Mind 5
Reasons explained only through lyrics of Music 1
I listen to. No emotion is Quiet 3
With a hard shell over my Heart 6
I can, I just choose not to hear the Truth 2

You can set yourself free with the Truth 2
Things will come with Hate 4
Attached to your Heart 6
Games are played to mess with your Mind 5
Screams of help are kept Quiet 3
The only escape is Music 1

What were fairytale endings and nonexistent realities are now the headache of the Mind 5
I’m sure it wasn’t meant to keep me Quiet 3
Stop the Music! 1


The Truth is the greatest hurt to hear. 2

It is much worse than the Hate 4
of the alienated discoveries in my Heart. 6



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