I sat and shivered hopelessly, I wore

The thinnest sheet of cotton blanket found

For a night my window stayed ajar, the pane

Coated with a film of dusty finish

Welcomed in a musty air that’s growing faint

As I hide myself from remnants of yesterday.


Thoughts settle into crevices of day

Each stirring figure an object of this war

Familiarity lurks in corners, nowhere to be found

No man’s land beyond my nightstand, pain

Intensifies and I’m who they wish to finish

Fluttering my bed skirt merely as a feint.


Beclouded vision- I faint

From this peril may I escape one day?

From scuttling of leaves, how my patience wore

Inside a mind once fully found

Now tainted by a foreign sense of pain

Three months until I see its finish.


Wine leaves behind a nasty finish

At least it stays; unlike the faint

Of heart who helped me through each day

Hiding behind the disguise I wore

Under covers, waiting to be found

Now nothing better to ease the pain.


Fog sits on the lonely glass pane

Nature takes its time to finish

It is myself I try to feint

There’ll always be another day

Outranked in this dire war

The ground on which this house was found.


Cold lifelessness is all they found

Frost covering the windowpane

Escaping in a peaceful finish

As old memories are growing faint

Smoke clears to reveal the stillest day

But not the battle scars he wore.


At last the dirty finish wore

The window found and closed today

He never thought pain was the feint.


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