Real Talk Doe


In this sestina I can't be held back

I just gotta keep my rap game going

Through these lines Ima keep it real

Ima go hard, Ima do me

Through these words I gotta show,

J-teezy- my rap persona- to everyone


Ima give a shout out to everyone

who got me and got my back

It's for all y'all that I put up this show

It's for all y'all that Ima keep on going

It's for all my fans, not for me

It's for all my friends- not fake, but real


Now that that's known, I can be real

Ima go off- listen everyone

Here's my life; the life of me

It all started from way way back

to the child without a clue to where he'd be going

Wondering, in this world, what he could show


Wondering why we even put up a show

Why we live a fake life, totally un-real

We act like we know where were going

We smile and wave to everyone

But deep down when we decide to look back

We say to ourselves "this isn't even me"


That said this rap is me, but not for me

This isn't for an audience, nor is it for a show,

But to those unacknowledged and stuck in the back-

You ain't nobodies, I know this for real

We're all important- this is for everyone

Knowing this, this is what keeps me going


Not living for myself- that's where Ima be going

Hopin this true for you as it is for me;

That across the world everyone is helping everyone

To all my hearers I just wanna show,

The life to live that's true and real

Is going through life getting each other's back


Since this is the end, Ima bring it back

Listen, everyone, to what is real:

I ain't livin for me and that is my show


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