Cold concrete brings ache to his body—unforgiving

Drops pour through a window onto his tired back

Yearning for freedom, he begs for the light of the moon,

Trapped in this nightmare, the pain will not fade.

He knows every day will be the same as the next.

What he had is no more, only his thoughts keep him alive.


He no longer holds the vivid and rushing colors of being alive,

Surrounded by grey, a horrible grey, so unforgiving.

Bars guard him from the chance of returning back.

There is no way in or out, these barriers do not fade.

What’s next?

The striking hope of the moon.


He cannot pull his eyes from the brilliant moon;

His stare never weakens as long as he is alive.

He cannot control what will happen next,

So the moon is his only stable friend in this world so unforgiving.

One mistake, he is captured with a beating to his bare back.

These memories are the rain drops on his neck: soon to fade.


The people who once loved him are gone, all faded

Away, their spirits eaten by the sky and protected by the moon.

His body trembles with old age, and youth that won’t come back.

The fire in his heart and his resolute disdain stay alive,

But his unwavering fate lets him escape the unforgiving

People who trapped him in this hell that has no hope of next.


His trust is weakened like the legs that guide him up next

To the barred window; a reminder of his loss, loss that doesn’t fade.

He lets out a cry, a scream, a thrashing and crashing, unforgiving

Of those who caused him this anguish, anguish only the moon can cure.

He howls and screeches until the careless guard asks if he is alive

He screams more, until he is silenced with a blow to the back.


Daydreamer, night dreamer, never to return back;

The moon protects him from the harm to come here next.

Let me go, take me with you, don’t let me stay alive

He says. Goodbye world, let it all fade

He says. Hello moon,

Here I am, he says. Completely forgiving.


No longer alive, the sun weeps for him, while his unwavering fate fades,

And next the moon carries him back to his true life, the moon

brings him the gift of death in a world so unforgiving. 

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