Penny for Your Thoughts?

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 00:58 -- unitha


You cannot make me be that one;

That one who will leave you to your

Thoughts – a penny for your thoughts?

Confide in me; rely on me.

Give to me your heavy heart;

On your shoulders, I see a world.


Do not tell me she is your world;

Do not tell me she is the one.

Distress is what you give my heart –

Am I a cheap rag doll for your

Feelings? Well, keep coming to me;

I have a penny for your thoughts.


Again, you come to share your thoughts;

Honey, it is not the end of the world.

She has wounded you – that would not be me;

Why would anyone hurt the one

She loves? Wait, please come back to your

Secret admirer; you have my heart.


Next day, you will receive my heavy heart;

That day, I feel rejection from your thoughts.

I guess she will infinitely be your

One and only; your all-time whole wide world.

Am I incapable to be that one?

It was not meant to be, you say to me.


Just like you said, it will never be me.

So constricted and focused is your heart

On your eternity; your only one.

Have it your way, but leave me to my thoughts.

See my raised hoodie? Leave me to my world.

From this day onward, I shall not be your


Loving admirer, nor shall I be your

Therapist – just take a good look at me –

I am tired – drained – from trying to lift that world

Above your shoulders; from putting your heart

Before my own – just leave me to my thoughts.

No longer will you be my only one.


Remain with your weighty world; do not look for your

Friend. Let me be the one to walk away – just let me.

Just leave my heavy heart and spare me your thoughts.



After learning about a district literary fair, I went on to create this poem and enter it into the sestina category for the literary fair.

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