The History of Women's Rights

what are Women’s Rights? 

take off Your bras 

help Your man fight the war 

take care of the kids and the house 

will we do more for It? 

“how does it feel to be replaced?” asked Tubman 


jackson said “You don’t need to rub it in my face Tubman” 

why haven’t we done more for Women’s Rights? 

They want It 

collect all of Your bras 

I love the house 

Your man can’t do it, he is at war 


take his job while he is at war 

“say I’m better than you,” demanded Tubman 

he enters the house 

we need to do more for Women’s Rights 

I took all of your Grandma’s bras 

They need It 


They are going to get It 

Your work is helping to end the war 

steal Everyone’s bras 

“You are better than me,” he told Tubman 

when are we going to do more for women’s rights? 

did You hear, the japs attacked the hawaiian house 


I don’t want those japs getting to our house 

They are going to fight for It 

are we going to do more for Women’s Rights 

hooray, for the end of the war 

“I know I am,” said Tubman 

give Me all of those bras 


I will burn all of these bras 

you must go and protect this house 

his nose begins to bleed, he just got punched by Tubman 

They are going to win It 

sorry, but we are firing You, he is back from the war 

will we do more for Women’s Rights 


I just realized it, but We need Our bras 

get back in the house when he gets back from war 

Tubman is just the start of Women’s Rights


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