One night

Under the blue and black pin pricked sky

And the light of Moon

There laid two conversing souls

The first was called Nightmare

The second called Dream

While mankind anxiously waited for Dream

To pay them a visit in the middle of the night

They dreaded and feared Nightmare

Because to them, Nightmare was the angel that fell out of the sky

And fed upon their sleeping souls

Little did they know, the true evil was Moon

Not long ago, when darkness descended, many showed gratitude to the company of the Moon

However, Moon had enslaved Dream

To reap upon the open and trusting souls

And lead them to the depths of the night

And into the forever endless sky

Meanwhile, the true unaccepted hero was Nightmare.

He desperately tried to rouse each and every man captivated by casting a Nightmare

And waged a war against the moon

To release its grasp upon the souls ascending to the sky

And terminate its control on his fair beloved Dream

He fought night after night

For his counterpart and the misled souls

And though the most ungrateful of the two was the many saved souls

The safety of his precious treasure was enough for Nightmare

Because one night

The one who collapsed to his knees was Moon

And as the shackles dissipated from Dream

Moon, himself, ascended to the sky.

After that day, Moon, like the souls that he had stolen were forever lost to the sky

And though the stars represented the many wandering souls

Without deceiving man, the one who continued to comfort them was Dream.

And the one who occasionally displayed reality to them was Nightmare.

Above, the one who ironically guides them is Moon

But only because it's dark at night.

When the color of the sky lightens, it is no longer night

Then, Dream frolics with Nightmare

And forgets about souls and Moon.


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