An Ocean of Change

We feel safest on the shore,

But no one is immune to the changing tides.

They advance and fall away in a rhythm relentless.

Not one can stand unaffected

In the face of possibilities boundless,

When what may be is uncertain.


Though the rough waters may leave our hearts uncertain,

Though we may lose sight of the shore

When our journey seems as the sea, boundless;

When we are shaken by the unceasing tides,

Whose abuse feels both personal and unaffected,

Our hope must be relentless.


Our courage must also be relentless,

Our hope must remain unaffected.

Even when our endings are uncertain.

We shall one day return to the shore.

We will arrive as we left, by the tides.

Though we may suffer, our optimism must be boundless.


Our potential is boundless.

If our desire for good is relentless,

We will only be bettered by the tides.

Our purpose is not uncertain,

We will return renewed to the shore.

Our essence will be unaffected.


We must not linger wholly unaffected

When our opportunities are boundless.

Our thoughts must not be only of the shore.

Our desire for more must be relentless.

Although it feels uncertain,

We must allow ourselves to be polished by the tides.


Change comes upon the tides.

Even the rocks cannot persist entirely unaffected.

The process can be uncertain,

But the potential for growth is boundless

And our tenacious spirit is relentless.

We will reach the shore.


We will be moved by the tides but our optimism will be unbroken, boundless.

Though we cannot remain completely unaffected, the core of us will persist, relentless.

No matter how uncertain the sojourn, we will always make it back to the shore.


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