An Old Adage

That philosopher whose words I pondered,

I was five, and five plus five equaled ten,

And feverish dreams had me counting pebbles and bolders

Rolling thunder and dancing fires, 'why' was second to 'howcome' There

so what if the tree fell or the chicken came before the egg, howcome 

it mattered?! 


The recorder ain't an instrument, it didn't matter 

I was nine and whether or not ain't was in the dictionary, it was pondered  

"It's violin" "No it's violin" "It's violin" "Yet it's really not though, it's violin" "Howcome?" 

I was nine yet I said negative one plus ten 

And like a fiend I stared at the sun there 

What language did I speak again? Bolders, 


I was seven and faced with the test I was sweating bolders

Not to cheat it mattered 

The Best Friend is the one there 

who barely scored acquintance, it was Pepsi or Cola we pondered  

with a group of plus ten, 



Eleven and howcome 

unless it was Chad - Bolders! 

Don't swear now- it was not a ten out of ten 

Howcome if with pen it mattered 

I did dare ask while others pondered 

"For in math it was a sin, there"


Cats and dogs rained there, 

fifteen and with an umbrella and all was not silent howcome 

only I was not silent? Whilst upsetting small ponds I pondered 

I didn't trip over bolders 

And I used to like stairs until it mattered 

and the out of the once infinite sky, of the stars I could count no more than ten 


Seventeen and I knew hiragana with its maru and ten ten 

Napoleon Bonaparte, now there 

was a dictator or was it enlightened despot, that mattered 

No question howcome 

Do not make mountains of molehills or sticks and stones yet words are bolders! 

Do you ever wonder why?... and then the teacher left us to ponder 


Vocab word number ten, no longer was it pondered 

that there were words like bolders 

that weighted on me because it mattered, eclectic made I by 'howcome'




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