Surviving the Storm: Six Chapters and an Epilogue


With the world on her mind and hole in her chest, she is falling.

The weight she carries quickens her decent into the murky depths of confusion

Every thought, every action, has left her alone and lost.

Lacking the resolve to go on, she faces the deafening acceptance,

Acceptance that bellows the song of empty hope.

As icy waves of despair wash over her broken body, there is a light.


The day is new and the earth warm with the sun’s light,

She is once again compromised, loses balance and begins falling.

Its inevitability stared her down yet she pretended there was hope.

 Arguing she is a victim of altered vision set on by confusion,

A constant state possibly avoided had she ever met their acceptance.

This is not new or foreign territory nevertheless she is still lost.


When it happens again she does not panic, she no longer feels lost,

And is able to maneuver her way to the surface by following a pure light.

After all this time, she meets what she has craved most, acceptance

For the waves in the water that pushed her into falling.

When she meets the surface there is no longer confusion,

Just a growing sense of self-awareness accompanied with a seed of hope.


The vivacity in her seems to infuse the air with a sweet taste of hope.

Her steps are thoughtful and lively, no longer unaware or lost.

She does not plummet into darkness but peer down, remembering her confusion

That will forever be in her past, a part of her, even as she walks in the light.

Tiptoeing around the vulnerabilities that constantly sent her falling,

She is thankful for them as they have taught her the strength in acceptance.


A person completely reborn, she no longer craves others acceptance.

Instead she finds harmony within herself, balanced with hope.

This transformed being is lion hearted when facing the threat of falling,

Because she is sure in her ability to collect the pieces without getting lost.

With an alien sensation of optimism, her view on life blooms in new light,

Cultivated in the ashes that formerly constructed the cage of confusion.


Older and wiser, she works to heal others plagued by the same confusion.

Aiding those who are willing in their quest for self-acceptance.

She shines, onto the fractures in their mind, an untainted light,

Teaching them to nurture even the smallest bit of hope.

Having navigated an ocean of emotions, sea of the lost,

As sole captain of life she sails past the chasm in her chest without falling.


Sailing through the hurricane of confusion proved possible by following hope.

 Living mean finding acceptance for things we have gained as well as lost.

Once that is done, chart a path of light to find a world where only stars are falling. 


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