Hidden Sins


It crept and crawled
and swirled around
until at last I felt its cold hands
struggling to pull me down, fighting for its life.
It has finally taken over me.
I finally gave in to the sin.

Why did I give in to sin?
Now I'm crippled and can only crawl.
Greed has taken over me.
I spin around
and look at tis new, never satisfied life.
Its touch is spreading, covering my body with its hands.

Slowly, new sin emerges in my hands.
Temptation is too great; desirable is this sin.
I can't remember any other life,
any other life that I wasn't crawling.
Forever spinning around,
the slugglish sin of sloth has taken over me.

Envy, however cliche, has taken over me.
However, all should envy me for the powers I hold in my hands.
Look around
I own it all with this sin.
Come now and crawl,
crave this life.

I can no longer control it, this life.
My anger, my wrath takes over me.
Slowly crawling
on my hands
I beg to stop all the sinning.
I fall, and darkness is all around.

When I wake, it's still all around
but there is now a shimmer to this life.
It's still there: the sin.
This gluttony continues to control me.
Looking at my hands,
I have far to crawl.

All around, I see the sin taking over me
I see my life in turmoil, my hands
holding the sin. It's time to turn and go: away I crawl.


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