Fuck For Peace - A Sestina


United States
33° 36' 2.0916" N, 96° 33' 25.1568" W

You might as well fuck
For virginity, if you war
On account of peace.
Life is full of irony.
Fraught from the plurality of man
Uniformity mistaken for marching to your own beat.

People walk past the homeless without a beat
But when someone disagrees with our beliefs, then we give a fuck.
Hop to it! Man
Your battle stations. We have a war
Of actions clashing with beliefs in fits of irony
Where we attack like dogs, everyone wants a piece.

They’re sitting in church learning about peace
The same ones who’ll beat,
A hobo or dyke on the street. Oh the irony
Of being told you can’t fuck
Members of the same sex, while at the same time there’s a war
Between members of different sects. Aren’t you supposed to love your fellow man?

Like I’m minding my own business, just a woman
In a bar, with a beer and football, just wanting some peace.
They say they knew from how I watched, talked, what I wore
Three men with boots kicked and beat
Like how I look says who, when, or how good I fuck
Pale face, black eye. Reminds me nothing is as sexy as irony

Do I need to explain the irony
Of some “real” man
Saying he’ll show me how he’ll fuck
Me and I’ll never sin again? What kind of peace
Message with steel toe boots does someone beat?
People ignore when it’s over controversy that we war.

It doesn’t matter what he, she, I wore,
Appearance is not consent. Fight back with a will of iron. He
Will swing back, but no one can ever beat
Your soul out of you. Be stubborn, see man-
kind in a better light, we could all use some peace
of mind, because too few give a fuck.

We live a war of intolerance for the sake of peace,
Without two fucks to rub together, and the irony
Of how man’s heart still can beat.


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