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Prison, Nursing Homes, Buses, All have one thing in common Jail, Streets, Graves, But let’s not talk about it Sunshine, Rainbows, Happiness, Are much better things to think of
If we aren't getting killed by cops or enduring police brutality  We are killing each other. It's like the fighting never stops. History is slowing repeating itself, just in different versions.
Why can’t a woman be a man? And why can’t a man be a woman?   Generations have passed and nothing is subdued.
Dear ears that are listening, and eyes that read me wrong.   No I am NOT the black girl "video vixen" that throws it back to the beat of every song.  
Insomnia. The result of my overbearing thoughts of a past I can’t change, of a future I’m terribly unsure of. Most nights I barely sleep, some nights not at all. However, I suppose this is what comes of one whose thoughts consume their soul.
They say I have too much hope. They say I'm a dreamer. But when I look out my window, on a starry night, I can only see each snowflake fall one by one.   On a starlit night
  Have you ever smelt magic On the pages of books?
When you watch the bullies walk through the hall and make fun of all the people they see. Do you realise what you do to their mind when they go home? They sit and think of all these things
We are all born to sin we all do by age ten we done lied and even stolen too by age fifteen for most kids have seen things that weren't meant to be seen and those sights cannot be rid
The strong array of colors were illuminating my eyes the colors deepend my desire to create i gathered all my weapons pencils, paint, erasers, markers i decided to demonstrate my love of art 
Don’t ever dream to wage a war Against the powers that be You’ll scratch and claw and only get sore
I wont stop trying to walk on water, Even if i cannot swim. Not because of fear i won't Lose all my dreams and hopes
Invisible Children By: Jordyn Milbrath  
Movies and films are much more than just fun. films that reveal victims that are more than done. i want to be a director that shares their dismay, I'll show how good wins but how evil still poisions the day.
My eyes, crystal clear. I'm opned, anew... Inspired too. None other than the word love can explain it- It's bubbling over, unable to contain it. Not wishing to do so, I wish I had none.
“You can be anything you want to be—a doctor or a lawyer.”My father was a math man, a mad man; definitely not a family man.I was a dreamer, an idealist; a girl tormented with wanderlust and impatience.  
To Be a Animator-I have to focus on the body to the movtion of the wind from the sky to birds to a woman like me.  
To change the world That's what I'll do One letter at a time One word One stanza One very long novel One writing at a time   To change the world That's what I'll do
“You’re too young”.
Facades, masks, disguises, we live in a world filled with lies. All the fibs we tell, we are never truly ourselves.   Conformity,  the rules set by society,
Charm is deceptive, beauty's fleeting So the story goes Wrong direction, has my heart beating And no one knows The well worn path presented before The bright, red apple stikcing out as a lure
Have we really come to this? Our earth, our world, our lives. Society used to mean something, be something. Our ancestors risked their lives and their families lives to come to a better world, to start a new life.
God teaches us love, Compassion, Grace, Honesty, Patience, God shows us love, That we are all treasures, That we are worth sacrifices, That we are all perfect in His eyes,
The rap game is constantly changing Unfortunately, not for the better Instead of making songs about positivity, morals, and goals They're rapping about sex, cars, and  clothes
Young blood recruited, His soul laid to rest
Late night studying  In due time will turn into Late night saving lives
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
  Change is good, they said Change can make the world better, they said
            It is the sound of hushed breathing. It is the rhythmic silhouette of strides, the perfectly choreographed dance. It is the way that the summer sunlight creates small crystals in the hanging spider webs.
The transcript: 
I look in the mirror and I see a girl A girl who wants to change the world Show everyone what could be If from our eyes we erased the greed The greed of a nation wanting more Money, power galore  
I loved her so until the end but even my love could not mend of the evil that lived inside of her and continued to hide We had to make our schedules bend
So many people speakin of things they know nothing about. Assumptions turn into rumors,
The difference is a letter Or a chromosome, really It’s a variable, it’s chance By biology, a 50/50 split XX = XY   It’s not biology It’s society I am a female; I am told I am lesser
He is popping pills Trying to get rid of the pain But all people seem to realize Is that he's an idiot and completely insane   Harassed on a daily basis He can't seem to get off the crazy train
From a small town in Wyoming there’s very little to do, Except dream up a life much bigger than you.  
(commence beat boxing, prefiable in the same rhythm of "Like Toy Soldiers" by Emeniem     Yo, I've been coding since I was a little  seed
An aspiring pharmacist just wanting to give Wanting to help others in the community in which I live Staggering through obstacles and I just need a lift I can't let this opportunity slip off the cliff
Who? Who? All I see:faceted dreams Sparkling a thousand suns bright.   Years of crinkled paper/littered art/stained fingers Rusty pages after dark-   My first sunrise  
With my feet buried in the sand, and the ocean waves moving peacefully,  my mind began to drift into deep imagination.  My eyes wide awake, as my subconscious being ignoring the pain from not blinking. 
It seems like everyone decides what carrer to pursue by the amont of money they get.
  A dream job does not have to be a dream, It can be a reality even though it may seem, Impossible, or very hard to obtain, Some might consider me a bit insane, To go to school for hours upon hours,
Waking up early Going throgh long classes Talking to many students
I was absolutely sure, my mind was set that I wanted to be an architect yet these mental barriers stand in my way  stress over school, money,  my hope's slipping away a bar of soap that i cannot grasp for a minute
Dream to help, Help to make dreams To be before other pushing, Toward their life. I wish to teach and  and make it possible to change the world Change the world by making
The white brick walls with bright blue stretchers, Patients coming in with pipes through their skulls, Sounds like a hardcore, Heavy Metal song, But it's not. It's my dream job! To become an ER doctor,
Lobster,shrimp, champagne  I'm feasting and sipping on this while I'm work on my campaign  wow up 400 votes I'm to sharp in my own lane  while I stay humble, let me go in front of the people and stay strong 
The words of doubt, They tell me I can't, I won't, They say the chances are slim, That I won't get the job, But I won't listen.   My dream is big, My dream is my job,
I don't know how it feelsTo be given an expiration date.I don't know how it feelsTo swallow sixteen different pills each morning.I don't know how it feels
I want to change the world, but if I can change one life, mine is worth it. I want to be there when the strongest child wants to quit. I am a nurse by trade, but that also implies,
Look I made it move! Those basic shapes Come to life as I improve,   Do they smile or brood? It's all up to me, My pencil sets the mood.   All to see a smile, Or to entertain,
I remember in preschool When they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I remember looking at the teacher with confusion Without a clue of what to say; I thought there was
A Light in the Darkest of Nights. By: Keila Levis   I see love at first sight. I see wonders in the sky. Like an owl, I see the darkest of nights. I see loneliness, as I spy.
One day I will be that A chef One day I'll make it Big   One day I'll go to culinay school One day I'll get my degree   All it takes is one One day
Born to a mother with terrible addictions,along side the father who never called.A drunk stepfather who was always angry.These people, I never want to become. 
I'll be forever yours,
a karate man is the job for me, teaching, skillful, it's easy for me, kick, punch, flip and land, show the bad guy whos the man, that's right it's me, a karate man is what i'm to be,
And so it begins,
Sitting at my desk, When the bell rings. The students come in, What will today bring?   Good mornings are exchanged, Supplies are taken out. Standing in front of my students,
For one job could change my life, For one job may have another kids college paid for, just for looking nice, For one job may make my money right, For one job could land me closer to my future wife. 
I remember my first comic book  Watchmen - I was skeptical. Superheroes could't be intellectual. But now i've read it seven times There's always something new to look at
I was five and wanted to be a mermaid,
A lot of adults have told me to get a job,
the path i walk is full of dreams and hopes
If I could change one thing-  It'd be your life.  It'd be the hopelessness you feel in the morning.
I'm alive because of one job One job My future job, may God allow it Music is everywhere Everything And all you've gotta do is embrace it Take it Change it Make it Make it yours
If I could do anything anything at all. I wish I could be a blacksmith to make armour for the knights so that Crusaders would know me so that kings would value my service
Looks out for others Assisting in times of need Supports wellbeing  
Looks out for others Assisting in times of need Supports wellbeing  
So many places to see To visit all tourist shops And experience all the unknowns To see every place imaginable   To be able to meet All the inspiring people To be able to learn
One life One world Many opportunities to make a difference.    To change the world with just one job could be the easiest thing in the world... if it's already your passion.  
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
The world is laid before us, Awaiting our command School is slow receding and The earth is in our hand They say I can do any Thing that I desire I could save the dying Or save a babe from fire
Walking down the street Suddenly life changed I thought to myself “I gotta stop being so disengaged, It’s time to take control of my own life, Be the man I want and end my strife”  
I want to make the impossible Grab ahold and don't let go, My mind knows which way to turn
The things we could do, if we only thought to. The kids we could save, if attention we paid. The unnecessary pain we know drives them insane and we could be the ones
We look in each others’ eyes, uncomprehending, we don’t seem to realize— strip the details and what remains? we are the same.   Society is machinery, and we all have our place,
A chance to change the world,  meaning not just by heart and soul, but even by actions and words, that can once again make us whole.   The creator gave humanity a choice,
All we need is love,
I would not change my bue eyes, or freckled cheeks I would not change my broad shoulders or big white teeth I would not change my wheight I love me, I am great.   I would not change the past
Busy sidewalks, crowds of people— rush rush rush.   No time, no time, will not stop hesitate—   Too busy busy busy too much effort to see difficulty.  
You see the world, yet you ignore
Society has a mindset, a mindset that you have to look like a photoshopped picture on a bilboard or magazine.
Family simply, cannot be defined in as many words,
I watch the news, people are dying look around the halls, girls are crying not about the hyrricane, or the war in Iraq- about the boys they admire
Let’s give them guns,  Let’s show them how to shot someone,  Let’s to teach them to feel nothing about seeing the blood of their family, Let’s watch their souls turn into masters of death, We have created monsters,
The cries of the people, the slash of the machete How could we ignore?  The millions of bodies that lined the roads, the celebrations of the killers How can we forget?
Now I can’t quite understand, & I can’t quite comprehend, Why anyone in this world would want to hurt my best friend. He’s my baby brother; he’s only twelve years old. And he’s unlike any other, with his heart of gold.
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